February 17, 2012

Financing Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes: Earning Money Online ~ Swagbucks Introduction

By earning money online I also have more to share thru Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  One of my favorite online earning sites is Swagbucks.  I have enjoyed earning Amazon gift cards and more recently CVS gift cards by simply searching the web at Swagbucks.  My daughter stumbled upon this site a couple of years ago that allows you to "win" points while searching the web and earn points by doing other online activities and trade them in for gift cards and prizes.  Many of you, I am sure, are already acquainted with Swagbucks, but for those of you who are not I'd like to share a little about it in case it is something you would like to do.  I have consistently earned two to four $5 Amazon gift cards each month.  They offer all kinds of items in the Swag Store from sports collectibles to movies to posters to gift cards and much more.

Points called SB are "won" every now again throughout the day as you use their search engine for your regular searching.  It does not increase your chances by searching
excessively and actually your account can be frozen if you search in excess to try to win.  I use it for any of my regular searches and sometimes first thing in the morning when I get online I will search for whatever website I want to visit.  It is my understanding that a normal day will usually net a member three wins--anywhere from 5 to 50 SBs each.  Every Friday is Mega Swagbucks day where you can earn even bigger amounts.  It takes 2200 SBs for the first $25 gift card each month, all other cards are one SB per penny:  like $5 = 500 SB, $10 = 1000 SB.  The smallest Gift Card to cash in for is a $3.00 Amazon code.

Here are other ways to win, too.
  • Daily Polls -- one simple question with 4 to 6 multiple choice answers (win 1)
  • Tool Bar -- win daily just for having the tool bar on whenever you bring up the browser it is in (once a day)
  • Special Offers -- two ways:  scroll thru daily special offers for a few Swagbucks or participate in others and win
  • Referrals -- you earn as your referrals earn from searching (up to the first 1000 points)  (now you earn 10% of your referrals earnings), this is how some people have gotten a LOT of free stuff
  • Shop Online -- they offer several national online stores that if you place your order after going thru the Swagbucks webpage you will earn
  • Watch videos.
  • Swag codes -- special codes they put out for an hour or two that when entered gives you Swag Bucks
  • And many, many more.  Dozens can be found daily on their homepage--scroll thru and pick what appeals to you.
So if you haven't yet begun earning by using the Swaqbucks search engine, give it a try! It's an easy way to earn without much effort.

You can check out this post I wrote sharing How I Earn $15 or More Each Month at Swagbucks in Five Minutes a Day or Less.  I love easy ways to earn extra cash for my Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. 

I have also shared several "How to Earn Free Gift Cards at Swagbucks" posts on my other blog.

Disclaimer:  To the best of my knowledge all information in these posts were accurate at the time of publication.  Swag Bucks, at times, changes some of their programs; so if something is not correct a change has most likely been made.  I will attempt to update posts as I become aware of changes, but I do not participate in all so may not know of some.

Links in this post are my referral link.  When you choose to sign up under me at Swagbucks I earn 10% of what you earn. 

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