March 9, 2012

Deal Shopping for Operation Christmas Child ShoeBoxes: Rite Aid

I have been an avid CVS shopper for years, but when I kept seeing all the great shoe box deals reported from Rite Aid I began shopping Rite Aid for my Operation Christmas Child shoebox stockpile.  My friend Jessica agreed to share her knowledge of Rite Aid deal shopping with us.

"Rite Aid is actually my favorite drug store to shop at.  Bummer for me, though, because it is not very close to my house and I pass at least 3 Walgreens on my way there!  However, if you are not a huge Rite Aid fan like me, then you might have a few questions about how it all works.  There are a few “rules” you should be aware of, so here is a quick tutorial.
First off, you need to make sure you have a Wellness Card.  They are similar
to grocery store shopping cards that you might have at Kroger or Safeway.  Without the card, you will miss out on great sale prices and rebates!  You can get one right in the store; just as an associate.


Weekly Deals: Rite Aid sales change weekly, and they run from Sunday to Saturday.  Occasionally, they will also release a mid-week sales flyer which usually runs Thursday through Saturday.
In-Ad Coupon: In the weekly sales flyer, there are occasionally store coupons that you can clip out.  These are called in-ad coupons and can only be used at Rite Aid.  This is basically a coupon that you use to get the sale price for a certain item.  You can still use a manufacturer coupon on the same item you use an in-ad coupon on.
+Up Reward: These are coupons that print out at the end of your receipt after you check out.  They will be for a certain amount off your next purchase at Rite Aid.  Typically, they have an expiration date for 2 weeks after they print.  They can be used on any item in the store.
Video Values Coupon: On the Rite Aid website, they release new promotional videos each month for you to watch on your computer.  After watching a video, you will be able to print out a Rite Aid store coupon for the product you just watched a video about.  These coupons can only be printed once.  Sometimes, if you watch a certain number of videos, you will also be eligible to print out a coupon for $4 off a $20 purchase of $5 off a $25 purchase!
Single Check Rebates (SCR): These are, well, rebates.  Each week, Rite Aid will list items that qualify for the rebates in their flyer.  Lots of times these items are FREE after rebate!  There are some rebate deals that last all month long and those deals will be listed in a separate flyer you can find in the store.  To receive your rebate, you submit your receipt information online and at the end of the month, you request a rebate check (for all your combined monthly rebates) to be mailed to your house!  There is usually a limit of rebate per item per household.

The Rules

The great thing about shopping at Rite-Aid is that they don’t have a lot of rules!  Yay!  Here’s some highlights:
  • You can use one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item
  • You can use as many +Up rewards as you want to pay for your purchases, but you the value of the +Up reward cannot exceed the value of the item you are purchasing.
  • +Up rewards almost always “roll.”  So, if you earn a +Up reward for buying toothpaste, you can use that +Up to buy more toothpaste, and you will still receive another +Up on your receipt.
  • You can only request your Single Check Rebate ONCE per month.  So, just wait until the end of the month to request your rebate.
  • Here’s a copy of the official Rite Aid Coupon Policy!
Thanks, Jessica, for sharing this post you originally published at your blog Clip With Purpose (Saving Year Round for Operation Christmas Child).  

UPDATE:  Jessica's blog has closed.

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