April 13, 2012

Deal Shopping for Shoe Boxes: Purchasing Extra Manufacturer Coupons for Added Savings

Using manufacturer coupons while shopping for donation items is a great way to save more to share more.  Combining manufacturer and store coupons with store sales and promotional programs makes for great budget stretching deals.  If you really want to take advantage of personal or donation stockpiling you may be interested in purchasing extra coupons.

Selling coupons is illegal in the United States.  But charging a fee for your time of finding, clipping, sorting and sending manufacturer coupons to others is not.  Often there is a sale without limits that will net free, or nearly free, products if a certain manufacturer insert from a Sunday coupon insert is matched with it.  By seeing the early ads online there is plenty of time to order and receive the coupons as well as ordering extra stock from the store for your purchase.  Even if the coupon comes out the Sunday the sale does there is still time to order and receive coupons thru the mail--and rain checks are also an option if CVS is out of stock.  Most coupon clipping services have coupons up by the Saturday before the paper comes out ready for orders.

Many people wonder if it is worth the cost.  Let's say it costs approximately 10% to 15% of the value of the coupon to get them into your hand.  So you pay $1 to $1.50 to get $10 worth of coupons and thus $10
worth of product.  And if you have grocery stores that double coupons, your return is even higher.  Any investor would say that was a great return on your money.

Sometimes a great coupon will come out that will net free gum or free bar soap, for instance, for my shoe box stockpile which I will want more of than the number of coupons I have and I will order more--and often have the store order extra stock for me.  I have never purchased dozens of one item, but have purchased 10 to 15 of one.  I am personally familiar with two coupon clipping services that I use periodically:  My Coupon Hunter and Florida Coupon Clipping.

My Coupon Hunter has been around for quite some time but recently changed how she sells coupons.  Virginia, the owner, now sells only in sets of 5 per each type of coupon.  So the price listed beside the coupon is for five of that coupon.  She also offers free shipping on orders of $5 or more.  I have found her service to be quick and accurate.  And she answers emails within a few hours usually.

The second one I deal with is Florida Coupon Clipping.  This is a fairly new service which opened in 2011.  This service is a little different in that it is a subscription service--which I have come to prefer.  The customer buys a subscription and then when they want coupons they order them and they are sent without charge (shipping included). For example, one of the subscriptions is for $25 for which the customer can order any 200 coupons they choose in the next 75 days in any number of orders they want to.  They can order 2 to 200 at one time, it is up to them.  When they have reached the 200 coupons another subscription is purchased.  This makes check out so easy, I really like this.  And Elena's service, like Virginia's, is top notch!  This dealer closed her business.

There are also dozens of other coupon clipping services out there that sell individual coupons.  You can Google coupon clipping services and come up with many to choose from--then I would look for reviews of them to see what people say about them. I am sure, just like anything, some are great and some are not.

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