July 12, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts: Got Instructions? No Thanks!

I hate following instructions!  I would rather re-invent the wheel than follow the original designer's instruction manual.  That is why you will see craft instructions here at Simply Shoe Boxes of things I have designed and made....ummm, and no, I don't make very many of the same one, I design a new one rather than follow my own instructions too many times.  Now if I have the instructions memorized, I'll keep making some, buuuuut, not too many :-).  And once in a while I do follow another's instructions, but not very often and again, not too many of the same thing.

Marble Bag.
Could I not accomplish more by just following instructions someone else had written? I don't think so.  You see, I get energized when I design something.  I enjoy the challenge and the feeling of conquering the obstacle before me -- such as needing a container to put the gift of marbles in for an Operation Christmas Child shoe box gift. It literally energizes me making me able to accomplish much more.

Reading and following directions on the other hand, drains me.  I literally feel energy draining from me.  And besides, I could make a mistake, lol, and while I am creating there can be no mistakes because the road has never been traveled before. That's not to say everything I set out to design turns out the first time, but at least I didn't do it "wrong" because there is no right way when there is no way at all.

I always wondered why I am like this.  Am I rebellious?  I don't think so because when it comes to rules:  I'm a stickler for following them.  There was a commercial once (I think for Burger King) that said "rules were made to be broken." That's one rule I didn't follow.  I would drive a mile below the posted speed limit when I drove to be sure I didn't go over it.  As a couponer I abide by the letter of the "intended rules" not what really works in the system.  But put an instruction manual in front of me...well, I just ask that you please don't.

A few years ago my family and I attended an AWANA conference and there was a speaker who addressed this type of thing.  He suggested there are things in our lives that energize us and things that drain us.  If we can find what those are we can find what we can work best at and accomplish more--especially pertaining to where we fit in the AWANA program at our churches.

He said there are basically five kinds of people:
  1. Designers
  2. Developers
  3. Sustainers
  4. The combination of 1 & 2
  5. The combination of 2 & 3

His example was if a church wanted to start a soccer program which would you want to do?
  1. Design the program?
  2. Develop it after someone else designed it?
  3. Come in after it is designed and week after week run it (sustain it)?
  4. The combination of 1 & 2
  5. The combination of 2 & 3
Wow, in our family this proves to be true.  I am not a SUSTAINER by any means!  I top out at Designer; and Developer I enjoy, too, but not as much--but I would say I am #4.  But give me a sustaining job and I'm dragging all day long!  My eldest daughter is just the opposite--she loves a sustaining job.

Do It Yourself Shoe Box CraftsSo I will continue to design items to tuck into shoe box gifts, share them here at Simply Shoe Boxes and hopefully some crafting sustainers will come along and enjoy following the instructions.

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