November 24, 2012

Shoe Boxes for Sailors: Thanksgiving Dinner in a Shoe Box

My daughter, Sarah, decided to pack "Thanksgiving in a shoe box" for her cousin, Zach, who recently graduated boot camp and is at a Naval Air Station awaiting A-school to start in January.  Sarah made the two graphics below to include with her box.

Along with the "dinner" menu above, she tucked in:
  • snap shots of Thanksgivings past 
  • a sparkly, fall colored leaf banner (which she twisted throughout the box)
  • a "reindeer" Pez dispenser (to represent deer hunting with his dad)
  • an Uno game (which they had played on Thanksgivings in the past)
  • a bag of tiny, soft footballs (because there was always a t.v. on with the game at Thanksgiving)
We hope it gives Zach a feeling of family this fist Thanksgiving alone. And, oh, my it has sparked many ideas for future Shoe Boxes for our Sailor.


I hope to find the time soon to research organizations that will match up service personal with individuals so you can have the opportunity to send shoe boxes to sailors or soldiers, too.

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Sarah said...

Glad to see you're blogging again! It looks like fun to be packing shoe boxes for the troops; how fun :)

Cheryl said...

Yes, we love giving to the troops. One year we did stockings sent to Afghanistan -- so rewarding. We received one letter from one of the soldiers. Once my nephew is thru all the training and is assigned to a ship we hope to send big packages for him to share and maybe find some sailors whose family can't send packages and send them directly.

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