November 26, 2012

Why Are There Ads on Simply Shoe Boxes? To Give More

Some of you may wonder why I have allowed ads on Simply Shoe Boxes.  Why would I want an opportunity to profit from sharing my journey of giving to others?  Simply put, it is so I can give more.

Simply Shoe Boxes
Advertisers pay bloggers for just placing their ads on their site to be seen.  The payments are based on the number of visits to the site, and if any of their readers participate in one of the ads they pay a "finder's fee."

Keeping up the blog does cost a few cents a day to keep online and by placing ads on Simply Shoe Boxes I can cover this cost first, which keeps more money in my pocket for giving, and then anything else that comes in will be put into filling shoe boxes or giving to those in crisis.

I do not expect to make much, but as of the end of September in 2012 the bills for the blog this year have been covered and anything that comes in after that will go into shoe boxes.

In the last 12 weeks I've made $9.00 (see below). That comes out to an average of $.75 a week or $39.00 in a year which will cover my blogging costs and fill two shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child (or cover the cost of another giving opportunity I want to participate in--such as making dresses or buying supplies for Dress A Girl Around The World).  Those will be children who would not have been blessed if it were not for the ads here.

Adsense income:
  • September:  $3.00
  • October:  $4.50
  • November (to date 11/24):  $1.50
I have chosen to use Adsense which basically picks the ads based on the content of the site.  I have blocked ads in several categories that I do not want displayed, but I cannot know what all will be advertised before it is (I won't even see all the ads my readers will).  I try to keep the ads to a minimum and in places that do not make it difficult to find the content here at Simply Shoe Boxes.

I hope this addresses any questions or concerns you have about ads here.  And thank you for visiting Simply Shoe Boxes, by doing so you are helping to give to children in crisis.


Anonymous said...

This was a nice post but I have followed you long enough to never daubt that you would turn any ad revenues in to giving opportunities.
Thrilled to see you back posting here. Had missed you and was wondering how you were doing. Blessings to you and your family!

Cheryl said...

Well, thank you for the kind words :-).

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