December 3, 2012

Thinking Outside the Shoe Box: Sponsoring Women Around the World

Well, as they say, sometimes it is best to think outside the box.  In this case, I needed to think outside the Shoe Box!  Instead of sending needed supplies in a shoe box, my husband and I are sending funds to sponsor a woman in Uganda.

Meet my new friend, Tegula.  I "met" her today!  Well, I received this image of her in an email.  I will be receiving a full packet about her in the mail. She is a 50 year old widow with four children, two still at home.  One is in school, but the other cannot go because of lack of funding.

Hope 4 Women International (H4W) is a ministry of Hope 4 Kids International and has a sponsorship program for Women as H4K does for children.  For a year's commitment of just $36 a month a woman can be sponsored.

In many countries, like Uganda, when a woman is widowed she is often powerless and unprotected.  Their family's "estate" is returned to the husband's family and she is left on the street to care for herself and her children.  Often their only chance for income is thru prostitution.

H4W sponsorships provides for these women for one year thru training so they can care for themselves and their children. They are first given a hoe and seeds and are trained, if needed, in gardening. They are then schooled in reading, writing, arithmetic and small business practices.  They are given an assessment test to see what type of business they would be good at.  After graduation, and a fun celebration just for them, they are set up in a business and helped along the way to make it successful.

For more information check out this PDF:  Hope 4 Woman sponsorship brochure.

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