November 22, 2013

Free After Extra Bucks at CVS Next Week Great for Shoe Boxes

My daughter Sarah gets a lot of items throughout the year for our shoe boxes free after extra bucks at CVS.  Because she shops there each week she saves the extra bucks from one week to spend the next week so she has little to no out of pocket costs.  I knew there were some great items for shoe boxes coming up next week and asked her to put together a list for us.

If you do not have any extra bucks to begin with you will need cash, obviously, but then you will have a handful of extra bucks.  You can save them from the beginning of the week to use at the end of the week sale.  You can also check out more than once.  Buy two or three of the items, receive the extra bucks and use them on the other items in your second order.  If you do not plan to shop again soon at CVS you can use the extra bucks and buy other sale items...basically you will be doubling your money (for instance if you buy $5 of the items below and receive $5 in extra bucks, spend it on sale items for shoe boxes you will get $10 (sale priced) for just $5 out of pocket or 50% off).

Sarah has lots of lessons on how to save while shopping at CVS on her blog Simply CVS.  You can easily find the lessons and weekly deals in the tabs at the top of the page.  She also posts each week how to spend just $5 or $10 and get lots of items...with extra bucks leftover!

Some free deals for shoe boxes at CVS next week:

Pre-Black Friday (11/24-11/27) sale:

Buy 1 (one)   Colgate Total 4-4.2 oz $3
Use 1 (one) $2.50 Colgate Total toothpaste scanner coupon printing 11/24
Use 1 (one) $0.50 Colgate toothpaste coupon (SmartSource 11/24)

Get $0.99 ECB wyb CVS pantiliners 20 ct. $0.99 Limit 1

Get $2 ECB wyb GUM toothbrush 2 pk. $2 Limit 2

Get $1 ECB wyb 5 Gum 15 ct. $1 Limit 1

Get $1 ECB wyb Orbit Gum 14 ct. $1 
Limit 1

If you'd like to get some deals for yourself, check out my $5 & $10 Scenario post including the above deals.  You can get $45.59 worth of items for $4.57 and have $6.07 ECBs left and $1 in you Saving Star account.

Black Friday (11/28-11/30) sale:

Buy 1 (one)   Gum Toothbrush 2 pk. $2 Get $2 ECB

Buy 1 (one)   CVS AA or AAA alkaline batteries 4 pack $4.39
Use 1 (one) $4.39 CVS scanner coupon printing 11/24

I also have $5 & $10 Scenarios for this ad.

A shoe box Sarah filled one year with just items she got
free at CVS.

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