December 3, 2013

Dressing Girls and Giving the Gift of Fresh Water ~ A Fun Challenge

I have shared how I love to make the pillow case style dresses for girls in need--both in Operation Christmas Child shoe box gifts and thru Dress A Girl Around the World.  Well, this month the Washington State Rep, Suzanne, has issued a challenge on her blog, Sew Delightful.

Women and girls walk miles for water--which is
not clean and is filled with disease.
She is working to raise funds to dig a well in Uganda.  When the funds are raised and the well is dug they will have a dedication.  When they do the well dedications they deliver pink dresses to the little girls.  Suzanne is challenging her readers to sew pink (or mostly pink) dresses and for each send a $5 donation to help dig the well--each $5 digs an inch.  She will share pictures of the well dedication and girls in their dresses.

I love when Suzanne gives us readers a challenge.  I am sewing two "mostly" pink dresses from fabric I had on hand and will send a $10 donation for my two inches.  If you'd like to read more about her challenge visit her blog and read these posts:

Seeing Pink!  Fresh water and fresh dresses -- something to smile about.
Nearly 2000 children die daily from dirty water.
You can also email Suzanne with questions:  suzannewithdressagirl @ .

I'd love to have some of you join me in sewing pink dresses for the dedication.  Let me know if you do.

You can find the instructions and a photo tutorial here:  Simple Pillow Case Style Dress Instructions ~ How To Sew A Pillowcase Dress from Fabric.  Suzanne also has instructions she can email to you.

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