November 22, 2014

CVS Shopping List for Freebies the Week of Thanksgiving 2014

Over the years I have been able to get hundreds of items free from shopping at CVS and taking advantage of their Extra Buck program.  A large majority of these were tucked inside shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  Black Friday week at CVS is one of the best times to get free items.

Years ago I started a blog, Simply CVS, to teach others how they could save big on their weekly budget by shopping at CVS.  My daughter Sarah now keeps that blog going with weekly deal match-ups and scenarios of how to have very low out of pocket cost.  Sarah put this list together for me of all the best deals for shoe box items at CVS next week.  She thought maybe you'd like to get in on some of the deals.  Note that there are two different ads next week: Monday thru Wednesday and Thursday thru Saturday.

FREE After Extra Bucks or Coupons Items:
  • Gum (check exp. dates)
  • Toothbrushes
  • Batteries
  • Candies (check exp. dates)
  • More

If you are not familiar with CVS Extra Bucks you basically buy the advertised product and after paying you will receive Extra Bucks (a coupon at the bottom of your receipt) which you can then use as cash. The great thing is you can use them on
more extra buck items -- so if you pay $1 for an item that gives $1 in extra bucks you can then use that $1 Extra Buck to pay for another $1 item that gives a $1 Extra Buck and so on and so on and so on.

So a good way to shop these deals is to take about $5 buy some of the FREE after Extra Bucks items and you'll get your money (minus tax) back at the bottom of your receipt.  Use those to buy the other FREE after extra buck items.  When you receive those Extra Bucks save them for the second ad of the week.  Then spend them on the deals that give back Extra Bucks.  Then use those Extra Bucks on other sale items.  You end up spending very little out of pocket but have well over a dozen items.  The more times you check out the less cash it will cost you because you will be using mostly extra bucks to pay each time after the first.

Shoe Box Freebies from CVS shopping
Our CVS stockpile from a few years ago -- all free or nearly free.

We shop CVS each week and use the Extra Bucks we earn one week on the next week's Extra Buck deals so we have very little out of pocket cash expense.  If you want to learn more about saving at CVS check out these posts at Simply CVS:
Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Filled from CVS shopping by my daughter
Shoe Box we packed one year from just CVS deals.
Black Friday Week CVS Deals Great for Shoe Box Gifts


wyb -- when you buy
SS -- SmartSource Sunday Coupon Insert--date of insert will follow SS
ECB -- Extra Care Buck


For the Pre-Black Friday ad Monday 11/23 - Wednesday 11/26 

Free after coupons and/or ECBs:

FREE with coupons:  Buy 1 (one)   Colgate Max 6 oz, Total 4-4.2 oz, 2 in 1 4.6 oz or Optic White 3.5 oz $2.99
Use 1 (one) $2.49 scanner coupon printing at CVS kiosk
Use 1 (one) $0.75/1 Colgate Total toothpaste, 4 oz+: Printable Coupon

FREE after Extra Bucks:  Get $1.57 ECB wyb Sour Patch gum 14 ct. $1.57 Limit 1

FREE after Extra Bucks:  Get $1.67 ECB wyb Swedish Fish or Sour Patch theater box 3.1-3.5 oz $1.67 Limit 1
Buy One Get One Free Swedish or Sour Patch Kids Soft and Chewy Candy, 3.1-3.5 oz (SS 10/26)  

FREE after Extra Bucks:  Get $1 ECB wyb Orbit Gum $1 Limit 1

FREE after Extra Bucks:  Get $1 ECB wyb 5 Gum 15 ct. $1 Limit 1

FREE after Extra Bucks:  Get $0.99 ECB wyb CVS Ultra-Soft cleansing wipes 12-20 ct. $0.99 Limit 1

FREE after Extra Bucks:  Get $0.99 ECB wyb CVS pantiliners 20 ct. $0.99 Limit 1 (we have never included these, but I have seen others who have, so we included them here for your consideration)

$1 or less after coupons and/or ECBs:

CVS Gold Emblem Gourmet Candy Canes 2.11oz 2/$2

Hershey's, Twizzlers, Air Heads, Mars, Wrigley's King Size 1.77-6.08 oz or Mentos Gum 15 ct 2/$2

Get $2 ECB wyb Colgate 360 toothbrush 1 ct. $3.49 Limit 2
Use $.50/1 Colgate adult or kids manual toothbrush excluding plus, extra clean or classic clean (SS 11/23)

Get $3 ECB wyb Arm & Hammer Spinbrush 1 ct. or Pro Clean brush heads 2 ct. $5.99 Limit 2
Use $2/1 Arm & Hammer Toothpaste, Spinbrush or Tooth Tunes Product  : PRINTABLE 


For the Black Friday ad Thursday 11/27 - Saturday 11/29:

Free after coupons and/or ECBs:

FREE after Extra Bucks:  Get $0.79 ECB wyb Hershey's, Starburst, Skittles Singles or Necco wafers 1.4-2.17 oz $0.79 Limit 1

FREE after Extra Bucks:  Get $1 ECB wyb Orbit gum 14 ct. $1 Limit 1  

FREE after Extra Bucks:  Get $4.19 ECB wyb CVS AA, AAA 4 pk. Batteries $4.19 Limit 1
FREE after Extra Bucks:  Get $2 ECB wyb Gum Toothbrushes $2 Limit 1


If you would like to find more free items for your family's needs check out these other posts at Simply CVS:

ALL the Black Friday Week CVS Deal Posts (there are several--below are a couple examples)

Do you deal shop at CVS?  Do you find lots for your shoe boxes?

Happy Packing!

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