February 20, 2015

Saving on Groceries with SavingStar to Pay for Shipping of Shoe Boxes

Because I hope to pack many Operation Christmas Child shoe box gifts each year I am trying to find creative ways to help pay for the $7 per box suggested donation for shipping.  One way I am doing this is by being more diligent in my SavingStar account.  By saving on my groceries thru SavingStar I can have more cash to pay for the shipping.

SavingStar makes it easy by sending out emails when there are new coupons available.  If I think I might buy that product I can easily click thru to the site and click on the "I want this" button and if I buy it before it expires at a store that I have a loyalty card listed in my account I will receive that amount back.  Then when I get $5 in my account I request a payout.  You can even shop at stores without a loyalty card and submit the receipt--I haven't looked into this yet.

Current savings in my account.
Another great thing is these savings are on top of any paper coupons I might use on the product.  Like the Cheerios listed here -- I had a $1/2 coupon and I received Extra Bucks back at CVS on the deal.  So I even get to double my savings when I have a paper coupon.

My favorite thing is each Friday they have a Friday Freebie that is good thru Sunday.  It is usually something sweet that we don't use a lot of, but I like to pass on little gifts now and again so I will often buy free items to share with friends--spreading smiles!  Editing to add:  They have changed their freebies to not be on each Friday. They are just random, but if you sign up and receive their offer emails you will be notified when one is available.  They also offer weekly healthy items -- usually 20% back on the purchase.

I don't know how much I will average a month, as I have just really started this month to be faithful in my "clipping" of the coupons.  But hopefully it will help me ship a few boxes this November to special kids around the world.

An explanation from SavingStar:  "SavingStar is the smart and simple way to save. Earn cash back on your groceries with exclusive freebies, healthy offers, and BIG savings on your favorite brands. There's nothing to clip or print. Link deals to your store loyalty cards or submit a picture of your receipt to earn money in your SavingStar account. Save 20% on a fruit or vegetable every week. Get a free product every Friday-Sunday. And, get new deals on your favorite brands every week. You can cash out to your bank account, PayPal, or to a gift card. SavingStar now works at over 60,000 stores nationwide. The service is free and easy to use, so join over 5 million members and start saving money today.Click here for SavingStar."

If you haven't signed up for SavingStar yet, you may want to.  It is easy and free.

What creative ways have you found to build your shipping fund?

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Shoebox Sharon said...

Do you do pinecone surveys online? they pay $3 per survey that they send sporadically. I just cashed in $30. I use mine to buy things for the boxes since the shipping is paid through our church.

Your blog wins are fantastic.

Cheryl said...

No, Sharon, I don't as my daughter does them and I believe it is one per household. It sounds like an amazing program, tho. I have done well on my blog wins -- nothing in several weeks, I need to up my entering!! I think it is great there are churches with the finances to be able to pay the shipping.

Shoebox Sharon said...

Cheryl, a heads up here. I was able to find boys' shoes for $3 a pair at Walmart today. They were the Disney Planes shoes. I think they will fit a 5-9 year old since children in the countries the boxes go to tend to be smaller than our children. From reading your blogs I think you have a Walmart nearby. We have some other Planes stuff, so we'll probably do a theme box.

Cheryl said...

Thank you, Sharon, for the heads up! I do have a Walmart--I will have to see if someone run by for me. Our stores seem to seldom have much clearance around here--not sure who buys it up so quickly. And your Planes theme box sounds delightful!

KayM said...

Thank you for posting about this program. I didn't know about it and will give it a try.

Cheryl said...

You are welcome, Kay, I am enjoying it so far.

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