January 12, 2016

Saving Money Towards More Shoeboxes

Those of us who enjoy packing shoeboxes often find we can't find enough money in the budget  to pack as many boxes as we'd like.  I'd like to share a couple ways you can save money either to be able to spend saved budget money towards shoebox items, or to be able to get/save on the shoebox items themselves.

One fun thing we've done in the past is sign up for Free Product Samples.  There's lots of fun things to sign up for at the link-some may work to go into shoeboxes, some just fun or money saving for us!

Then there's Grocery Coupons you can print right off your computer.  Just click on the link, and you can look through coupons by category or brand.   Just while I was checking the link for writing this post I saw a few for things we buy regularly.

Saving money is not only good stewardship, it can enable us to do more for kids in need around the world!  How do you save for shoeboxes? 

Happy Saving and Happy Packing!

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Crafting for Shoeboxes said...

If I win an item on ebay for less than my maximum bid, I put the difference aside for my shoeboxes. It's usually only small amounts but it adds up.

Sarah said...

What a great idea Crafting for Shoeboxes!!

Bray Family said...

Our family saves all our metal recycling (cans, soda cans, spiral off a notebook, alumium foil, anything that would go into the trash that is metal). We then sell it at a scrap metal place in town found in the phone book. We also pick up cans along the side of the road and any large metal items left out for trash(metal shelves, old pots/pans, any small household appliances, washer/dryers(dad picks up the big stuff), etc.) Our daughters(we have 6 - ages 13 to 3) remove the motors from the appliances and put the plastic parts in the recycling. They have become very good at spotting metal when we are out running our errands. The 3 year old yells metal and points! :-)

This last year we sent 103 boxes and the girls earned about 70 boxes worth ($490.) the rest were donations because who can resist 6 little girls collecting trash to ship shoeboxes to children around that world. :-)

What a blessing this has been to our family - to turn our focus and energy outward to others in Christ's name.

The Bray Family

Sarah said...

Bray Family-love your story! Great on so many levels-spreading the Gospel, helping kids around the world, teaching your kids about work/economy, helping the environment...

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