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2019 Shoebox Packing

I haven't had much time to write blog posts of late, so I wanted to share a couple videos I made recently showing how we're packing shoeboxes this year.

First, here's out packing party set-up:

And here's selecting items for one shoebox (turned out to be for a 5-9 girl):

Here's more examples of 5-9 girl shoeboxes we've packed.

2019 Girls Shoeboxes

Hi All!

If you don't follow my Simply Shoeboxes YouTube channel you may have missed out on seeing some of the shoeboxes we've gotten packed so far this year!  I've done a quick, informal video of one of each age group...check them out below!

2-4 Girl:

5-9 Girl:

10-14 Girl:

If you're packing boy boxes, you can get some ideas from past shoeboxes we've packed for boys!

Themed Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes Packed in 2018

When I pack shoeboxes I often try to pack them around some sort of theme.  Sometimes that happens as I'm packing, oh look, here's a stuffed teddy bear and here's a notebook with a teddy bear on it, and here's a pencil bag with a bears on it, etc.  Other times early in the year I'll find an item or two and shop all year towards that theme.  Either way, when I do a theme box, I don't leave out anything on our basic packing list-I still put in hygiene, school, and art supplies, clothing, whistle, etc as well as toys (including a ball and stuffed animal) with a family photo.  I just try to find versions of what we are putting in that goes with the theme and occasionally an extra item or two.

Anyhow, here's some sheoboxes I packed around themes last year-most just photos I snapped with my phone as I packed:

This was one of my favorites!  A construction themed one!  My mom found the big construction building toy on a deal at Hollar on Black Friday.  My aunt found the building photos in a calendar for me to put in the lid, and I found the Bob The Builder coloring book at Mighty Dollar.  It turned out to be a 5-9 boy box with yellow as a secondary theme.

 This was a blue, bird themed 2-4 boy shoebox.

A bug themed shoebox with fabric including bugs, a bug house and net, and Bumble Bee Transformer toy.

A chick themed shoebox for a 5-9 girl

A monkey themed for a 5-9 boy.

An ocean themed shoebox that I think ended up being for a 5-9 girl.

An octopus themed box for a 5-9 boy (you can see our idea/check list in this photo we use when packing boxes)

A seal/sea lion/polar themed shoebox for a 5-9 boy I think.

Simile face themed box for a 5-9 boy (lot more in this box than can be seen in this photo)

Stingray themed shoebox for a 5-9 boy.

A train themed box for a 2-4 boy.

This was another favorite of mine-a western theme built around a horse stuffed animal and cactus pencil case I found at Bargin Hunt.

For more ideas/fun boxes, check out our other themed shoeboxes!

Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.