January 19, 2017

Hollar Product Reviews for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes

Hollar.com seems to have dollar store like stuff, but some are overstocks, etc, so they may cost a dollar or two, but be worth more/better quality and perfect for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  For instance when I ordered they had Gund and pro team branded stuffed "friends" for $1-$2.  They have limited number of some of the items, some things I bought are already sold out, but I’ll review them all, anyhow. I choose ordered from them as Swagbucks had a special with bonus points for ordering form them, so it only cost me a net of $2 (so, kinda like getting everything 80% off, so $0.40 or $0.20 a piece).  You have to order at least $10, free shipping on first order, and any order over $25.  I think if you sign up through this link (https://www.hollar.com/share/ywml52xj) we'll both get $2 credit at Hollar.  If anyone wants to do that, I'll save my credits to use toward OCC shoebox items myself.  Or, if you're on Swagbucks, check out if they have a bonus offer still going.

Hollar product reviews on items good for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

Ty MLB Beanie Ballz-Cleveland Indians it was $2.   So cute!  It’s kinda a cross between a ball and a stuffed “friend”.  It even had “beans” in the bottom so it
always rolls upright.  They still have some from other MLB/NHL/NFL teams.

NFL Browns Plush Creature Clip was $1.  My Dad is doing a 10-14 boy box with a Cleveland Browns theme so this was PERFECT.  It’s nice for the stuffed “animal”, on theme and kinda goofy, great for a boy.  Big enough, but won’t take up too much room.

One-Subject Spiral Notebook – Paisley was $1.  I know $1 isn’t the best price for a notebook, but I’ve always liked paisley, and one of my goals for this year is  to “wowify” as many items as possible I got it.  The paper is a little thin, but fine.

Colgate Classic Toothbrushes – 2 Count.  Seem like nice quality.  I want to try to get as high of quality toothbrush as possible so they’ll last as long as possible.  This seemed like a decent price/item to use that for, it has a number of color combos to choose from.

You may also be interested in these products I purchased from Kipp Brothers recently for my Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing.

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