By shopping and crafting for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes year-round it is possible to pack more shoeboxes, pack more items per shoebox, and/or pack them for less money.  We share many posts in the year-round packing category.  Below are links to the various categories as well as links to many of the individual posts.  And at the bottom of this post we share organizational tips for shoebox stockpiles.

One example of a shoebox we packed for a 10 to 14 year old boy.

Our Year Round Shopping Trips & Stockpile Additions

Each Saturday Sarah shares what she has added to our shoebox stockpile from purchases or donations.  Cheryl often shares what she & daughter Elizabeth is crafting for shoeboxes.  You can find all of the posts in the links below.

An example of CVS clearance shopping.

We often find information about deals we take advantage of on the following Facebook pages:
We also share some deals on our Simply Shoeboxes Facebook page.

Example of Shoeboxes Packed from Year Round Shopping

This is just one example of inexpensive shoeboxes we have packed.  This is how we were able to pack three shoeboxes worth over $100 for under $7.  Click the image to see the details (note this was in 2016, when candy was still allowed from the USA).

Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Item of the Month
OCC has divided packing into months.  Below is a list of the monthly items they suggest--many are listed in months when sales occur.  Those with links are to posts we have shared with ideas & tips and recipient stories.

    January --  Hats, Gloves & Scarves             July --  Clothing
    February --  Accessories        August --  School Supplies    
    March --  Quality Crafts        September --  Games
    April --  Stuffed Animals        October --  Letter & Photo   
    May --  Hygiene Items        November --  $9 Donation   
    June --  Toys     December --  Prayer

(Find all the posts in this category by clicking the link above)

If you shop year-round for more than a couple boxes, you'll find you need a way to store and keep track of what you have already got, and what you still need.  Best I can tell, this is petty much ever changing for all of us who pack boxes, but here's some things we've done over the years:

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