May 23, 2017

MD Supplies & Services Reviews

If you pack shoeboxes in any number, often buying things in bulk can be a way to make it easier and stretch funds.  For hygiene supplies one good option I've found is to order from MDSupplies & Service's special Shoebox Shoppers order form.     MDSupplies & Services has helpfully made us who pack for shoeboxes a special order form of just items that can go in it has FREE SHIPPING!!!  MD Supplies sells hygiene and other supplies in large lots of varying sizes, so for someone who only packs a few boxes this may not be as great, but you may be able to go in with friends, or the deals are so good, if you can scrape together a little extra money and storage space, it may be worth getting a few years ahead. They helpfully arranged for me to sample some items from the Shoebox Shoppers order form, and I wrote review posts of the items I tried, here are the links to the various reviews:

Hope this helps someone!

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