March 20, 2012

I've Been Pinned! I've Finally Joined Pinterest to Organize My Shoe Box Links

I had well over 100 sites bookmarked that I wanted to visit again for packing shoe boxes.  From blogs about Operation Christmas Child to crochet patterns to free printables.  I knew if I wanted to ever be able to find what I wanted to do in an efficient manner I needed to get organized.  So I decided I'd try Pinterest.  I love it!

I am very visual, so having an image of the project right there in front of me I can just click on it and find my way to the instructions.  And because they offer the ability to sort by numerous "boards" I am able to "file" away the projects or information by topic.

So I joined on Friday and was sick all weekend and Monday, but when I had the strength to be on the computer at all I turned my bookmarks into pins--it was so simple it was mindless, which was great because with my head
feeling like it would explode my  mind was not too with it.  I have made 16 boards and have pinned 188 items already--all to do with filling shoe boxes (or organizing my stuff I use).

I'd love to have you stop by my Pinterest board see what I've pinned--maybe you'll find some inspiration.  And if you are on Pinterest leave your link in a comment below so I can visit your board.  Here are my 16 boards:

OCC Blogs
Craft Ideas for Shoe boxes (for inspiration or ideas)
Crafts w/Instructions for Shoe Boxes
Craft Supply Organization
Wooden Crafts for OCC
Crafts for kids' OCC Crafting Party
Dolls for Shoe Boxes (I love dolls! I hope to make many for shoe boxes)
Various Info for Shoe Box Items
Crafting Blogs to Check Out (look like great sources for lots of great patterns--when I have time)
No Sew Fabric Crafts
Paper Crafts w/Instructions
Sewing Crafts w/Instructions
Crochet Patterns w/Instructions (I used to crochet all the time, I hope to again, problem is I like to design my own things, I'm not much for following patterns)
Free Printables
Craft Linkies on Blogs
Deal Shopping for Shoe Boxes
My Own Craft Instructions

I know I have a lot to learn about Pinterest, but so far I am enjoying it.  Are you on Pinterest?  Do you enjoy it?  Do you find it helpful?

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Beth said...

I love Pinterest when I have the time. It's great to look at what others enjoy also. Keeps me on my toes also.

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