June 22, 2012

Winning Items to Add to Shoe Box Gifts

Another way to obtain goodies to fill shoe boxes with gifts for those in crisis is by entering blog giveaways.  Bloggers offer many products in giveaways that can be added to shoe boxes and often offer gift cards.  Quite a while back I asked JRFrugalMom from Frugality is Free to share about entering and hosting giveaways on my other blog, Simply Blogging University.  Since she is an expert I decided I'd share part of that original post with you.

JR currently has two giveaways that I have entered with Operation Christmas Child shoe box gifts in mind:  Toys R Us Dog Toy and Aerospin Yo-yo (they both end mid-July 2012).  Tho the one is intended for a dog, I think they would be fine in a shoe box as a child's stuffed animal--I love the bright colors.
Image compliments of JRFrugalMom @ Frugality Is Free.

When Cheryl asked me to tell about the great possibilities of blog giveaways, I was very excited, because as a giveaway host and a giveaway winner I personally know just how fantastic blog giveaways are.  From my own experience, and from analyzing the giveaway winners at my own giveaways at Frugality Is Free I have come to a few conclusions about the best way to win blog giveaways.

1. Enter! If you don't enter, you cannot win!
2. Use those extra entries!
3. Check your odds!

Since my time is very limited I have to be very choosy, when I decide to enter a giveaway.  I rarely enter giveaways with more than 1000 entries, but anything under 500 entries is great, and less than 100 means I have a great chance of winning. The one reason why I enter blog giveaways is that they are possible to win. Compared to giveaways hosted by big brand companies, where they might get thousands and most often more entries, the odds of winning blog giveaways are fantastic.

Most blog giveaways have bonus entries, make sure to take advantage of these. Some bloggers complain about the extra entries, but I love them! Why? Because if I can get in 10 - 15 entries into a giveaway with 200 overall entries, my odds of winning are great. Sure, I could just do the mandatory entry, and maybe an extra entry or two, but if I do more my chances increase. If I enter a giveaway, it is because I want to win it, and I would rather put in 10 entries into a giveaway that I really want to win than 10 separate entries into 10 different giveaways that I am not completely excited about winning.

If you find a great giveaway blog with lots of giveaways, it is most likely because they are trusted by their fellow bloggers and by the companies. An honest giveaway blog will have clear rules, show you proof of the winners, have a place where people can talk about their giveaway prizes, and work with several reputable companies.

Where to find current giveaways:

    Frugality Is Free
  • Frugality Is Free (Always several giveaways in progress--not always a fit for show boxes)
  • Frugality Is Free: Giveaway Linky (New every Friday--list of hundreds of blog giveaways)
  • Frugality Is Free: Book Giveaway Linky (New Every Thursday--often there are children's books and in many countries children are learning English as a second language so would help them in school)
  • Frugality Is Free: Giveaway Linky Collection (Find links to lots of other blog giveaway linkies)
To find more giveaways I often use Google and search "blog giveaway" or "giveaway linkies."


Anonymous said...

Sometimes thefrugarlgirls.com has giveaways as well.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the heads up, I'll check them out.

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