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No-Sew, Woven Heart Fleece Scarf Tutorial ~ Great Project for Children and OCC Shoeboxes

This fun scarf is perfect to brighten a child's day and keep a neck warm.  As I've shared in the past, I am not very good at repeating the same thing over and over again, so I am always looking for new ideas or designing my own to tuck into my Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, and that is how I stumbled upon this blog
post about a scarf making party for girls over at Giver'slog where the author shared directions for the scarf.  Now, having the personality I do, I made some minor changes when I made mine so I will share how-to's here.

This would make a great craft for kids to put together for giving to kids in crisis.  

How about a Valentine's Day Party for the kids and they can make these to pack in their shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child this fall?  Maybe even make one for themselves and one to give. Theirs would always remind them of kids who are less fortunate.


1/3 yard of two colors of fleece (if you make the pieces a tad shorter you can get by with 1/4 yard of each)

For a complete no-sew--you will need to glue the last two hearts together

Optional:  2 buttons, thread & needle


10" long by 6 3/4" wide.
Make a pattern (you can see mine above for an idea:  I folded the paper in half and cut a partial heart 5" x 6 3/4".  (Because I will be making the scarf close to Valentine's Day I thought hearts would be fun).  Or you can make circles like the original poster did using a large jar lid or small plate or bowl as a pattern).  I imagine even a diamond shape may be neat--maybe for a boy's scarf (hmmm, think I'll try one).

Cut out pieces:
  8 -- of the color you will end the scarf with
  7 -- of the contrasting color

Slit made for insertion of next piece.
Center piece.

Starting with a contrasting color piece make a slit in the center about 1" from bottom point and 1" from top fold and about 3/4 to 1" long.  The original designer sniped hers vertically, I did a couple that way and tried a couple horizontal and my daughter & I both liked the horizontal better for the heart shape so we went with that.
This illustrates the two types
of slits--horizontal and

Using a contrasting color heart insert (point first) thru the slit and pull up so center is in the slit and match points (I worked down one side of the scarf and then the other).  Make a slit in the newly attached one in the center about 1" from bottom point.  Repeat alternating colors until you have 4 of the main color attached.  Note:  I found that making the slits AFTER I had inserted the new piece worked better--when I made the slit first and then pulled thru it seemed to strain the slit in the one being pulled thru.  So you may want to try it both ways.

Starting at the other side of the center piece repeat the process.

Now if you are going to attach buttons center them and sew them on while catching the back side of the heart piece to attach them together while attaching the buttons.

If you are not attaching buttons use some fabric glue to attach the two sides of the end pieces--a small x of glue where you would normally make a slit will work fine.  Or you could stitch the two sides together.

I am considering using a touch of fabric glue to attach the fronts & back near the outside edges so they don't flop so much.  And if I make another one, I may actually stitch around the edge of each before attaching the next heart.

Tip:  Purchase fleece blankets on clearance and use for scarves.  I have read a good average for the length of a scarf is the height of the child.

Find more ideas and patterns at Threading My Way's ongoing link party for hats and scarves.

Here are two more no-sew scarf patterns:
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~The Bargain Babe from *Zucchini Summer Blog* said...

so cute! glad to meet another person with the same passion for OCC that I have! I need to post soon, already been grabbing stuff for next years boxes! :)

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Hi! Yes, I, too, have been already shopping for next year. Always have shoe boxes on the mind :). Thanks for stopping by.

I Gotta Try That said...

So creative and cute. Love it! Thanks for linking up.

Carolyn said...

I was thinking maybe they would look more like hearts if you did it the other way... Making the bottom of the heart the fold & putting the slit at the top of the heart would cause the overlap to form a more natural heart shape. I don't have fleece with me right now to try it yet but I wanted to mention this before I forgot.

Unknown said...

oh i see, that makes sense and turns out so adorable! Great idea and I am sure very appreciated! Congrats too as you will be featured next week at Retro Re-pin party! thanks for linking with us!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Oh how exciting, Crochet Hooks, thank you for the feature.

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Such a fun idea. The lucky recipients will love them.

Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.