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Welcoming My Daughter Sarah to Simply Shoeboxes ~ And Saying Goodbye

As many of you know my health and that of my mother's has kept me from being able to post here at Simply Shoeboxes.  Because of that I am turning the blog over to my daughter Sarah.  She, too, is busy caring for her grandmother and helping me, so her posts may be few, but she is crazy for Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing and has a lot of great ideas.

Operation Christmas Child Shoebox packed from shopping at CVS.
A shoebox Sarah filled one year with things she got great deals on at CVS only.

She blogs at Simply CVS (about CVS/pharmacy deals) and at Sarah's Scribblings (about her attempt to brighten the world of those around her).  At times, the two cross.  Like when she got these fun report covers (along with dozens of other items) at 90% off at CVS:

CVS after school clearance.
9 to 15 cents each

She will be using them to make these Stationery Packets for her 10 to 14 year old girl shoeboxes that she shared about on her Sarah's Scribblings blog:

Sarah has a lot of great shoe box ideas and she puts a piece of her heart into each shoe box she packs.  She is an inspiration to me and helps me to strive to pack better boxes.  I am happy to pass the reigns of Simply Shoeboxes over to her.

You can follow her on Facebook, too, at:
I invite you to welcome her to Simply Shoeboxes and enjoy packing Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes with her.

And thank you all for the fun times I had packing with each of you!  Goodbye for now.  ~ Cheryl


Lindsay said...

I will miss you, but I am glad that your daughter is carrying on the blog!

Sheila said...

Cheryl, I will miss you and I wish you well!
I have done Shoebox fillers for years but had never packed any boxes on my own, It was your site that helped and inspired me to pack my own shoeboxes!!
I am happy that your lovely daughter will carry on the blog :)
Best wishes.

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Wishing you and your family all the best, Cheryl.

Pam Suter said...

Dear Cheryl,

I will miss you very much! You have been a tremendous help, encouragement, and inspiration. I am sure that many, many more things, and many, many more shoe boxes will be packed for Operation Christmas Child because of you! I am happy that your daughter will carry on with the page and your blog. I am praying for you and your family. God bless you all.


Rilla said...

We will miss you Cheryl but maybe you can do an occasional guest blog. Meantime Hi Sarah (sp?). Looking forward to the new blogs

Sarah said...

Thank you to everyone for the kind welcome! I hope I do a good job on this blog my mom did such a great job on!

Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.