February 17, 2016

Bing Rewards: Earn Free Gift Cards for Searching the Web ~ Financing Shoeboxes Series Part #1

I have shared how I like to earn free gift cards at online earning sites so I can pack more shoeboxes.  I recently discovered what has become my favorite site so far:  Bing Rewards.  I think what I like best is the simplicity and the daily earning limit.  With the earning limit I don't have to wonder if I should spend more time doing more to earn more, it is easy to reach the limit each day, too.

How Does Bing Rewards Work?

Bing is a search engine.  It works and looks much like Google which I have used exclusively for years, so switching to Bing was easy for me.  The main difference is Bing
pays you for searching.

Rewards to earn each day on Bing:

  • Mobile Searches 10 (one point for each two searches)
    • Simply search on a mobile device.
    • Just be sure you are signed in (I stay signed in)
  • PC Searches 15 (one point for each two searches)
    • Simply search on your PC.
    • Just be sure you are signed in (I stay signed in)
  • Daily Offers up to 6 (points vary per offer)
    • Click the links offered for that day and earn the points.
    • I almost always have 6, but once in a while I have less.

What I like about Bing Rewards

  • There is a daily limit to earning.
  • I search dozens of times a day anyways so switching to the Bing search engine was an easy way to earn without any extra work.
  • It doesn't take much time to do the few daily offers.

How much can I earn with Bing Rewards?

  • 31 points a day  (almost always, periodically a couple less)
  • Gift cards cost 525 points for $5 at the "Member Level"
  • Reach Silver level and get a one time 50 point bonus.
  • Reach Gold level and get a 10% discount on gift cards:  475 points instead of 525.
  • Refer friends and earn 50 points when they reach Silver status within 60 days.

What can I earn at Bing Rewards?

  • $5 Gift cards:  examples:
    • Macy's
    • Toys R Us
    • Amazon
  • After reaching Gold level and earning the full 31 points a day you can cash in for nearly $120 in gift cards in a year.

How much time does Bing Rewards take?

  • If you use the Bing search engine for your regular searching, like I do, that part doesn't take any time at all.
  • The daily offers take just a few seconds to perform.
  • I think it is one of the quickest earning sites I have been on.

If you haven't jumped on the "earning money online" for packing shoeboxes bandwagon yet, I think Bing Rewards is the best place to start:  it takes little time and if you are like me and search the internet daily it will take even less time.

I'll be sharing a few other ways to earn extra money for packing your shoe boxes.  When the series is finished you will be able to find all of the postings thru this link:  How We Find Extra Money for Filling our Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes.

Happy Packing!  ~ Cheryl

Disclosure:  Links in this post are affiliate links.  By sharing referral & affiliate links we can earn extra for packing shoeboxes.  We only share what we trust.


gram cheryl said...

You list PC searches. Does that mean my apple computer isn't eligible or were you using pc as the generic personal (my own) computer? Thanks for all you do and helping us out as well.

Sarah said...

Just means personal computer, my sister is doing it on her Mac. You're welcome! Glad to help!

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