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Beginning to Craft for Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Filler Donation

After seeing reports of so many boxes arriving in the Operation Christmas Child processing centers only partially filled we wanted to help fill the need for fillers.  Then last week I saw this comment by OCC on their Facebook page and it made us want to do even more.

This weekend I (Cheryl) should finish packing my 14 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes for 2 to 4 year old girls and then I will begin crafting for fillers to be donated to the processing center while still crafting for my other family members' boxes and the 100 boxes the kids will pack at the church packing party.

I have way too much fabric on hand to only craft for boxes we pack.  I have some I have personally purchased, but I have way more that I have inherited or have had donated for my projects.  So I hope to find time to make many items for fillers.  One of the items I am sure to make are pencil pouches to fill with school supplies (much like The Pencil Granny & Friends do).  I will be using the Drawstring Pencil Pouch Pattern that I shared recently here on Simply Shoe Boxes.

Pencil pouches for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

Elizabeth will be crocheting with yarn she inherited from her Grandmother.  The main items she will be making are hats.  She uses the Aunt Ida Hat Pattern at Joy With Purpose.

Aunt Ida Hats crocheted for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

Hopefully we will have some fillers ready by next weekend to share with you.

As a reminder, Operation Christmas Child encourages the packing of shoeboxes over the donation of fillers.  We pack as many shoeboxes as we can and use our extra crafting supplies and shopping deals to make fillers.

For more information on fillers for shoeboxes check out these earlier posts:  Donating Fillers for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes  and A Day at the Operation Christmas Child Processing Center.

Happy Packing!

        Cheryl & Elizabeth


Aunt Penny said...

I had extra stuffed animals last year too, so I donated them as fillers too :)

Lin K said...

What a wonderful idea Pencil Granny and Friends came up with. And the name itself is clever too!

KayM said...

I like to send fillers also. When I find a great deal on something, I buy more than I can use and then send them for fillers. I'm going to try and start doing some sewing/crafts, also, but haven't started that yet. I like your pencil pouches.

Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.