July 24, 2017

Nail Brush from MDSupplies & Services Review ~ Small Addition to an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox

Nail brush review from MD Supplies & Services.Today I have a review for you of  Nail Brush, Purple Handle, white nylon bristles (NB3381) from MDSupplies & Service's special Shoebox Shoppers order form.   MDSupplies & Services has helpfully made us who pack for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes a special order form of just items that can go in shoeboxes...plus it has FREE SHIPPING!!!

These brushes are $7.62 for 50 brushes, so about 15 cents a piece.

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I try to include basic hygiene supplies in my OCC shoeboxes, and when I saw this nail brush I thought it might be a fun thing to consider adding to a shoebox.  If the
kids are working or playing in the dirt much, it could help them clean under their nails and decrease the risk of infection.

I decided the easiest and best way to test it would be to just use it.  So, one day after I worked in the garden, I came in and tried it.  It worked great!  It was easy to hold by sticking the fingers of one had through the loops, then cleaning the nails of the other.  It's not very big (they are about 2.5 inches long, and 1.5 inches long-the brush area itself is about 1.75 by .25 inches), but plenty big enough to do the job.  My nails quite quickly looked pretty good!  And, unlike others I remember using, the bristles were soft enough that it wasn't particularly uncomfortable.

MD Supplies & Services nail brush review.
I hope this review helps someone...if you have any further questions, please just ask and you may want to check out the rest of my MD Supplies & Services Reviews for items acceptable for an Operation Christmas Child shoebox.

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Mark said...

Is there a printable illustration of how to use the nail brush? I thought it might be useful to include along with the brushes.

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