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Child's Fleece & Cotton Fabric Scarf w/Pocket for an OCC Shoebox ~ Tutorial

Another fun scarf I found while searching for ideas for my Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes was a Fleece Scarf with Pockets.  As always, I simplified the
pattern just a little and made mine shorter--perfect for a child. 


1/4 yd. Fleece Fabric (54- 60")
1/4 yd. cotton fabric (be sure to preshrink your cotton fabric before sewing it) (44-45")

  • Cut both fabrics to width desired:  7" to 9" wide.
  • Lay the fleece out flat with right side up.  Mark center of fabric.
  • Fold back the top and bottom on top of itself right sides together--approximately 5 1/2" to 7" depending on how deep you want your pockets.
  • Mark the center of the cotton fabric and line it up right side down on top of the fleece--this will overlap the pockets. 
    • The salvage edges of the cotton fabric should be about 1" shorter than the fold on the pockets.  If it is too long, hem them so they equal about 1" shorter.
  • Pin pieces together.
  • Stitch using 3/8" seams along both sides.
  • Turn right side out and flip pockets to front side.
  • Top stitch 3/8" along both sides--you can top stitch along the bottom of the pockets if you want to.

Tip:  Purchase fleece blankets on clearance and cut into scarf widths.  I have read a good average is the height of the child = length of scarf.

Threading My Way has an on going link party for scarves & hats--a great place for inspiration and tutorials.

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Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.