December 19, 2012

Child's Simple Fleece Poncho with Yo-Yo Tutorial

Another fun fleece project I found to make for cold weather was a Child's Fleece Poncho.  I actually made a fleece pillow case dress first and made this to go with it--paired with a turtle neck and a pair of tights the little girl will be toasty warm.  This is a great no-sew project.
Wish I had a little model to show it on.


These are for a toddler's poncho, they can easily be made up to the width of the fleece for larger children.


3/4 yd. Fleece Fabric
Scrap of fleece and button for yo-yo if desired.

  • Cut fabric into a 27" square (this amount of fleece should make two).
  • Fold in half like a triangle.
  • Cut a circle in the middle for the head opening.  I cut one about 4 1/2" in diameter (I used a small soup mug as a pattern).  Because fleece stretches it should stretch over a toddler's head and if it needs enlarged it can be easily cut or a small slit made straight down the front.
  • I also used the mug as a pattern to round all of the corners.
  • Option #1:  cut fringe around the bottom edge.
  • Option #2:  decorate with a yo-yo.
    • Cut a piece of fabric (I used fleece to match the dress) into a circle twice the size of the finished yo-yo you desire--mine is about 4" finished.
    • With needle & thread make a running stitch about 1/4" from edge of circle and draw up tightly to gather and tack together.  
    • Place in center front of neck and stitch down with button in the middle.  I also tacked it along the neck edge slightly for added holding power.

Tip:  Purchase fleece blankets on clearance and cut into ponchos.

Fleece provided by The Fabric & Yarn Lady on Etsy.

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Marcie said...

This is darling. I remember when I was five (which was like a million years ago) I had a animal print poncho. They are so cute. Thanks for sharing on "I Gotta Try That" Have a wonderful Christmas.

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