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Shoebox Drawstring Bag Style #2 ~ Large Enough to Hold Operation Christmas Child GO Box

Drawstring gift bag pattern and tutorial.  Designed to hold Operation Christmas Child GO Shoebox.

After sharing my scrappy drawstring bags sized so an Operation Christmas Child shoebox can fit inside, I received dozens of requests for a pattern.  I designed three bags to share instructions for and one post became too long to share them all at once.  So I am sharing them in three different posts (find links
to the others below).  I hope you find one you like.

I am all about quality and quantity in my shoe boxes.  So when I design a sewn or crocheted item I make sure it is well made but also very simply made so I can produce more to reach more kids.  This is a super simple drawstring bag.  I do not square off the bottom corners, but you could choose to do that easily when you are finished.  I figured it would be roomier without it boxed if the child used it for items not in the shoebox.

NOTE:  The following instructions are for a tote bag just large enough to carry the Operation Christmas Child "Go Boxes".  Below are also instructions on how you can figure the size needed for any shoe box.

Drawstring Bag Variation #2 (sized to fit OCC shoe boxes)  [You can find two more variations below]
Fabric Donated by Kristy at Hopeful Threads
I will be making an apron to match it.

Supplies Needed:
  • 3/8 Yard 44/45" wide fabric
  • 64" for Drawstrings
    • Drawstring options (these are just a few):
      • Crochet a chain from heavy string or cotton yarn
      • cording
      • 3/8" to 1/2" grosgrain ribbon (burn or fray check ends)
      • narrow double fold bias tape (stitch together so it doesn't come open)
      • make your own from fabric (see below)
  • approx. 24" Wide Double Fold Bias Tape
  • 24" Single fold Bias Tape or Wide Double Fold Bias Tape opened out
    • Or contrasting fabric to make casing from
  • thread

I have used white thread so it will show up well in the images.

Use 1/2" seams.

1.     Cut fabric 12 1/2" by 40" (the design will go sideways on the bag, and one side will be upside down.  If you want both sides going the same direction cut two pieces 12 1/2" by 20 1/2" and make a seem across the bottom--like I said earlier, I try to keep everything simple so I don't mind the directional differences)
2.     Cut single fold bias tape in half to make two 12" pieces. [ Or cut the 24" x 1 1/2" fabric strip you have prepared into two 12" pieces]
3.     Fold under raw end of bias tape and pin on right side starting 1" from side edge and 1 1/2" from top edge; pin across ending 1" from other side with end folded under
1.     Repeat on other end of fabric.
4.     Stitch approx. 1/8" from both long edges to make casing; be sure to back stitch when beginning and ending
5.     Repeat on other.
6.     Fold right sides together so it is 12 1/2" x 20" and stitch long side seams; be sure to finish raw edges
7.     Press seams open
8.     Apply bias tape to top edge of bag stitching close to edge.
1.     Note:  One side of the tape will be a little narrower than the other--put this on the front and when you stitch you will more easily catch the wider side on the back. Some sewers like to use a zig zag stitch to be sure to catch the back side.
2.     Be sure to fold over the end approx. 1/4" to 1/2" and overlap on beginning edge for a nice finish.
9.     Prepare your drawstrings of choice.
1.     Make two 32" each
2.     For fabric drawstring how-to see below
10. Feed one drawstring thru one side and then down the other side.
11. Pull drawstring ends up evenly and tie the two ends together.
12. Repeat starting at other end of bag.
13. Pull on both drawstrings at the same time and the bag closes.

How To Make a Fabric Drawstring
  1. Cut each drawstring 32 1/2" x 1 1/2"
  2. Press under 1/4" at short ends
  3. Press under 1/4" along long sides
  4. Press in half
    Finished Drawstring; 2nd pressing of drawstring;  1st pressing of drawstring.
  5. Stitch close to edge (back stitching at beginning and end)
    1. Tip: You may need to move the needle over to the right a bit to get the narrow fabric to be under the needle and to move along with the feed dogs.

Making Drawstring Bags for Odd Size Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes come in such a variety of sizes. If you'd like to make a special bag to fit a shoe box you have this is how you can do it.

  1.  Measure around the width (the short way) of the box.
  2. Add 4” to this measurement and divide the total by 2.  This equals the width of your fabric.
    1. Example:  22” + 4” = 26” divided by 2 = 13”
  3. Measure around the length (the long way) of the box.
  4. Add 8 1/2” to this measurement and this is your length of fabric.  
    1. Example:  29” + 8 1/2” = 37 1/2”
  5.  Drawstring will be the measurement of the width (#1 above) plus 11”.
    1. Example:  22" + 11" = 33"

Patchwork Drawstring Bags

If you have scraps of fabric smaller than the 3/8 yard needed for the full the bag just piece them together to make your own fabric to fit the size needed to make your bag.  Finish all raw edges to keep them from fraying and coming apart.  Choose a style of bag above and sew as instructed.

I have done this with a variety of fabrics for one bag as well as patching together pieces of the same fabric to make it wide enough to cover a box.  It is a good idea to stitch your seams down for added strength.

Simple Drawstring Bag Instructions (click image for illustrated how-to)

Click image for illustrated, step by step instructions.

Variation #1 Drawstring Bag Instructions  (click image for illustrated how-to)

Click image for illustrated, step by step instructions.

Share These Instructions

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For more drawstring bag inspiration and patterns check out Threading My Way's ongoing link party.

Including the Finished Bag in a Shoe Box
Tuck the finished bag in a zipper lunch bag and squeeze out the air.
Takes up little room in the shoebox.

If you love crafting for your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes check out my  DIY Crafts for Shoeboxes ~ How To's and Tutorials Index from Simply Shoeboxes post.  I have several other tutorials available for various tote bags as well as games, dresses, upcycled crafts and crocheted items.


Kristy said...

These look so great! I love how the whole box fits into the bag also, a very nice gift wrap alternative that they can use to keep all their goodies in! Pinning this tutorial!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Glad you like them, Kristy, and thanks again for the fabric donation...still stitching away on the pile :-). Thanks for pinning...hope others who can use it find it.

Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.