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Football and Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes: Crafting While Cheering on The Buckeyes

My husband and I grew up in NE Ohio and if you grow up in NE Ohio you can't help but be fans of THE Ohio State University Buckeyes!  Well, the Bucks have made their way into the National Championship Game on Monday January 12, 2015.  So you can guess what we will be doing at 8:30 on that day.  And I am sure you can guess what I will be doing....crafting for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

The Ohio State Buckeyes Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Crafting Supplies
To make the dress a little more girly I am adding some white lace trim.

Just like I make themed shoeboxes while packing I also make themes in my crafting according to life happenings.  Since we will be watching the game I chose Buckeye colors scarlet and grey supplies to craft with.  I will make a pillowcase dress and a hat.  Well, I will work on them -- not sure they will be done.  The cool
thing is we just moved my cutting table to where I can work and watch at the same time and my machine is just around the corner...hmmm, maybe we will have to move the machine just for the game so I can watch and stitch.

They will be taking on the Oregon Ducks -- I didn't have a duck in my stuffies on hand so I chose the closest thing I had:  a Puffin.  Well, I suppose if the Ducks loose they will want to be incognito anyways.
Ohio State Buckeyes Decorations

My daughter shared on her blog the OSU decorations she put up to celebrate.  You can stop by and see them if you'd like (I would love for you to leave a "Go Bucks" comment for her if you have time):  Decorated for the Championship Game!.

Go Bucks!

Updated to add:  you can see the finished dress here--Ohio State Buckeye Shoebox Dress.

Do you craft during family times, too?


Denise Marie said...

Oh, come on..there has to be a duck in there somewhere!! lol. At least you can look team-spirited even when you are stitching w/luv & a million miles away in prayer or thought!! U r an inspiration!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Thanks, Denise! I was shocked I couldn't find a duck in my stuffies' tub!

Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.