January 15, 2015

Skirt Kit of the Month Club Designing

Since I received a skirt kit of the month club membership for Christmas I have decided to have fun and to design a different skirt each month. I will make the skirt in a size 8 from my fabric stash and then write up the instructions and "order" supplies for a size four.  I'll make it following my own instructions -- if they are clear enough I will share them with you all.

I thought you might enjoy seeing my sketch book.  I design the skirt and then do the figuring of fabric pieces that need cut using the Girls Skirt Sizing Chart as a guide for the size it needs to be when finished.  Then I figure how much fabric and trims need to be purchased to make one.  My daughter will take my mom to the local discount craft store and she will choose the fabrics and trims and buy them for my Christmas gift.  It's a wonderful arrangement as she gets to have the fun of choosing the fabric and spend time with my daughter and I get to design the skirts and add them to my shoe box gifts.

I'm thinking I should call them the "Twelve Skirts of Christmas."

Here is the finished skirt from the sketch above.

Flower fabric donated by Red Thread Stitches.

Do you have a sketch notebook you keep crafting ideas in for your shoe boxes?

Happy Packing!


Denise Marie said...

The gift that keeps on giving! What a way to involve all the girls in your family! It is torture for me for a few more days. I wanna be playing in all my stash & organizing w/all your tips...BUT, I had my 15 yr olds birthday party last weekend and youth retreat here this weekend. Can't wait to play in my OCC.

Cheryl said...

It is fun, isn't it??? I have been doing more organizing & planning than playing lately -- I, too, am itching to get started!!!!

Kristy said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Cheryl said...

Thank you, Kristy. That flower fabric is only possible because of you :-) .

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