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Crafting Tote Bags for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes: Playing Catch-up

I played catch-up this week on my Operation Christmas Child shoebox crafting.  I have had these hand towels and bandannas longer than I want to admit.  We purchased most of the towels after Christmas clearance for a quarter or less and some were from my late mother-in-law's stash.  We sent many as towels in the boxes but I wanted to craft with some.

Crafting tote bags for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

The bandannas were used as table decorations at a church banquet.  When my daughters are in charge of the decorations they always try to use themed items that can then be packed in shoe boxes.  These make perfect drawstring bags.  They are
sturdy but lightweight so they don't take up much room, but they can hold the complete shoe box.  They are also brightly colored -- I love adding bright colors in my boxes.
Bandana tote bags for Operation Christmas Child GO shoeboxes.

I've shared a tutorial if anyone is interested:  3-Step, Five Minute Drawstring Tote Bag.

Tote bags made from fabric panels.

I also finally got around to making tote bags from these pillow panels I inherited (from my mom or late mother-in-law, not sure which).  I love the designs and bright colors and couldn't decide between a little dress or skirt and tote bags.  Sarah wanted them as tote bags for her 10 to 14 year old girl shoeboxes, so that settled my dilemma.  I loved how the edging made perfect handles.

I didn't line them, as that would add a lot of bulk in the shoe boxes, so I just added a little 1 1/2" lining of contrasting color at the top.  I also used the same contrast under the handle.

Have you transformed items into something other than their intended purpose to include a shoe box?

Fabric panel totebag.

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Denise Marie said...

Love them all! I am turning felt lined camo tree skirts into imagimative play mats right now. I am using embroidery threads and felt to make landscapes.

Kristy said...

Beautiful gifts!!!

KayM said...


Anonymous said...

I like to include a bag of some sort into every box we fill. I think that is a useful item as well .

Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.