March 20, 2015

Mini Purse or Wallet Crochet Instructions ~ Sized to Fit Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes

A Simply Shoebox reader and crafter for Operation Christmas Child shoebox fillers has agreed to share her instructions for her sweet Crocheted Wallets or Mini Purses.  Chelle, from Chelle's CayBees, created these delightful wallets just for shoeboxes and made lots last year and donated them to my packing efforts.  They
were just the right size to tuck a pack of crayons into.

Chelle crochets them in the round, but she also wrote instructions for those who would rather crochet a flat piece and sew the sides together.  You'll find both below.

Key (there are so many meanings through countries for these…these are what I call them and how they work for me)

sc –single chain = insert hook, pull up loop, yarn over pull through all loops

hdc-half double chain = yarn over, insert hook, pull up loop, yarn over pull through all loops

double = yarn over, insert hook, pull up loop, yarn over pull through 2 loops, yarn over pull through 2

slip stich = insert hook pull up loop, pull through loop on hook


Chelle’s Simple Crochet Mini Purse--in the round

  • J-Hook , acrylic yarn (best for kid projects)
  •  medium to large button
  • stitch marker

This purse is worked in rounds (more like oval)

Chain 20

Rnd 1 Single Chain (sc) in 2nd chain from hook , sc across placing 2 sc in last chain (allows you to work around to bottom of foundation chain) Sc across bottom placing another sc in the ch {completes the 1st rnd} place stitch marker here (indicates what rnd you are on).

Rnds 2-5 sc around (you can change color after rnd 5 if you wish, I always change color at the very side of the purse to keep the color rows even)

Rnd 6-9 Half Double Chain (hdc) around. Again work to side of purse to complete purse pocket.

Now onto the purse flap… all to be worked back and forth. (rnds to rows)

Rows10-12 Single Chain across the 18 back stitches (some may get less, really depends on what you like)

Rows 13-14 Half Double

Row 15 Double

Row 16 (Button Hole Row) sc 8/9 times, chain 8 (button hole), sc 8/9 times. {8/9 is what I get depending on how I start the back, all that really matters is button hole is in the center}

Row 17 Slip stitch back , even through the ch 8 of the button hole, reinforces the hole.

Sew on your button and weave in your end!


Chelle’s Simple Crochet Mini Purse

  • J-Hook , acrylic yarn (best for kid projects)
  •  medium to large button
  • stitch marker
Chain 20

Row 1 Hdc in 2nd chain from hook, across (18 stitches)

Rows 2-4 Hdc

Rows 5-14 Sc

Rows 15-19 Hdc

This ends the purse pocket.

Continue working back and forth for the flap.

Rows 20-23 Sc

Rows 24-25 Hdc

Row 26 Double

Row 27 Sc 9 times, chain 8 (button hole), sc 9 times

Row 28 Slip stitch across , including button hole (reinforces the hole)

Now fold up the purse pocket and seam up the sides (I use a simple whip stitch when I do this

Sew button on and weave in ends.

Thanks, Chelle!  And thanks for all of your wonderful crocheted and sewn donations.

If you use this pattern Chelle would love to know!  You can leave a comment here or stop by her Facebook page and let her know (Chelle's CayBees).  She also has this in a Word Document if anyone is interested she said you can message her on Facebook to request it.

We offer several Crochet Patterns and Tutorials that are great for Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts and continue to design more.

And you can find a full list of our tutorials here:  Crafting for Operation Christmas Child Index.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me? I can't get the pdf patterns for the mini purse to open.

Cheryl said...

Hmmm, I can't either. I am not sure what is wrong, I just added the links she gave me and when I originally received them they opened fine. I'll see if I can figure it out, if not I'll take the links right out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. It's working now.

Cheryl said...

GREAT!! Thanks for letting me know. Sometimes things seem to change between writing and posting that I don't understand. It's obviously something I am doing wrong, but I can't figure out what. LOL Hope you enjoy stitching some of these up!

Suzanne Broadhurst said...

Beautiful mini-purses! And what a treat to meet Chelle on Twitter to hear about them! :-)

Lalitha Jairam said...

I made several of these last year to give the nurses and other staff who attended on my sister while she was in chemo and thereafter. They loved them. Thanks for the pattern.

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