March 16, 2015

Reducing Packaging for More Room in Shoe Box

We are always trying to find more room in a shoe box.  I am sure you all do, too.  Sarah recently was working on reducing some packaging on gifts for her girls' boxes.

She cut out the image from the front of the box and included it with the pieces inside a zipper bag.

You can see from the side view how much less space will be used for this toy in the shoe box.  Sorry about the poor quality in these images, not sure why they are so dark and discolored.

What ways have you found to make room in your boxes?

Happy Packing!


Anonymous said...

I noticed at the processing center they rolled t shirts up and but rubber bands around them and they fit in the boxes much better.

Cheryl said...

Great tip, thanks! On little girl clothing you could use a ribbon tied in a bow and even a hair band and then she'd have it, too.

Shoebox Sharon said...

This same system works well for puzzles too. Just put the front picture in and the pieces into a ziploc bag.

genealogyangel said...

Yes, I do all of these things, and have pictures and suggestions on my pinterest board:

Sarah said...

genealogyangel-thanks for sharing! I'll have to spend some time looking at your Pinterest board-looks like some good ideas!!!

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