January 30, 2016

Shoebox Stockpile Saturday ~ 1/30/2016

I decided maybe I should start a weekly blog post called "Shoebox Stockpile Saturday" of what I've added to my stockpile lately via purchases, crafting, donations, etc.
From my and a family member's CVS shopping trip (details here), once we use the CVS ECBs we got on the above, it'll all have been free!  I plan to take the soap out of the outer plastic wrapper to help it dry out and will double bag it when packing to help contain the smell.

A dentist appointment netted us these for free, we checked the toothpaste date, and it was late enough to use next year.

I got these from Oriental Trading during their free shipping promotion.  They're small, but on clearance 24 for $1.08, so a great little extra!

My sister works in the church office, and brought home some rubber-bands that mail had come in, etc-perfect for shoeboxes! 

My mom & sister crocheted 2 Aunt Ida Hats.

Spent from shoebox packing budget: -$52.68  (Got rewards back from buying batteries at Office Depot in December)

Spent from gift cards earned or won online: $4.84

Added to stockpile:
  • 2 3-packs of Ivory Soap
  • 3 2-packs of toothbrushes
  • 1 mini toothpaste
  • 1 single toothbrush
  • 72 mini notebooks
  • 5 rubberbands
  • 2 hats

Happy Packing!


Myrtle Seaver said...

Thanks, I was able to buy both Ivory soap and the tooth brushes. I see my dentist next week, will ask for an extra tooth brush and tooth paste.
Save the plastic containers that Crystal Light comes in, the soap and one washcloth will fit inside nicely. Keeps soap smell out of the candy, and provides a storage for the child to keep the soap.

Anonymous said...

HI, I love reading your weekly stockpile updates. I too, got the small note pads from Oriental Trading. Then I searched "The Greatest Power" (Which looked to be their discontinued Vacation Bible School theme) I got water bottles, plastic tumblers, paracord bracelets, small frisbees, small beach balls, and decks of cards.... all at really, really low prices. The decks of cards were the best: a dozen decks for $1.88; they are small, not the quality of nice decks of cards, but they come in a plastic case which is nice. All had free shipping. Today is the last day for free shipping on any order FSANYFEB16.

Thanks again for your blog.

Sarah said...

Myrtle: Glad to be helpful and you were able to find the toothbrushes & soap! Tat's a good idea about the Crystal Light containers...too bad we don't use them!

Jackie: Glad you're enjoying the blog! That's a great idea/hint about looking for a theme on clearance items-it can be hard to find the best clearance deals there's so many things, but with that, they'd probably all be a similar percent off!

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