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Week of Toys for Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Stockpile Saturday ~ 4/2/2016

I ran out to a number of stores early Easter Monday, but they either didn't have anything marked down I could use in Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, or nothing caught my eye.  But...while I was at a number of discount/dollar stores I did find some nice toys to stock up on-none cost more than $1 a piece-although one thing I had to buy 5 other items to qualify for it at that price:

 Later in the week I had more success, splurged on some bunnies for Wow items for the younger kids boxes.  Check out Why We Include a Stuffed Animal in Each of Our Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes.

And with CVS deals and a surprise coupon for free candy I got even more good deals! (for more info on getting deals at CVS check out my other blog: Simply CVS).  UPDATE 2017:  candy and toothpaste is no longer allowed.

Plus some eggs we had (probably use it to make toy kits like mentioned in this post), some "stickers" we cut off the edge of return address labels-they had cute animals.  Plus a couple candies my grandmother got, but didn't want (EDIT:  A reader let me know that the Sixlets are actually hard candy coating chocolate, so they won't be going):

My mom & sister crocheted an Aunt Ida Hat and knitted a scarf and attached a "Hand Made with Love tag" they designed.

Spent from shoebox packing budget: $17.02

Spent from gift cards earned or won online: $1.43

Added to stockpile:
  • 7 wooden puzzles
  • 1 bead maze
  • 1 Shape stacker
  • 1 Wheeled snail
  • 2 Frog solitaire games
  • 3 balls
  • 2 Big stuffed bunnies
  • 1 pad paper
  • 1 package peppermints
  • 2 Tubes toothpastes
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 candies
  • some stickers
  • 1 hat
  • 1 scarf
If you like to craft and are looking for some craft ideas for your shoeboxes check out our Crafting For Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes Tutorial Index.

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Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.