July 16, 2016

Office Depot Sales for OCC Shoebox Stockpile Saturday ~ 7/16/2016

Everything we got this week for the Operation Christmas Child "Shoebox Stockpile" came from Office Depot this week.

Office Depot back to school sales for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.
From the loss leaders this week - pencils and pencil cases for a penny and crayons for a quarter

Scissors to include in Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.
I got in on the 50 cent scissor deal while it was going on-I also had a $10 off $50, as I had to get $35 for free shipping anyhow, I got more.  So,  I got them for like $0.21 instead of like $2.20 a pair!  It's enough for a few years-but at such a good deal I thought it was worth getting ahead.

Spent from shoebox packing budget: $43.56

Added to stockpile:
  • 3 pencil cases
  • 3 dozen pencils
  • 3 packs Crayola
  • 200 scissors 
Wondering what the best brands of crayons are for Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing?  Check out our posts on Crayon Brand Coloring & Melting Tests.

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