January 2, 2017

OCC shoebox for 10-14 girl - 2016

Here's a shoebox I packed for a 10-14 year old girl this year.    This shoebox was363 inches cubed, for comparison, a GO box is 306 inches cubed, so it's pretty close in size.   Here's one of the 10-14 girl shoeboxes I packed in 2015.  

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NOTE:  Different countries have different restrictions on what can be packed in a shoebox due to customs, and this is the last year for candy in the USA.  Be sure to check the guidelines from your national organization before packing!

What went into the shoebox gift:

  • Hygiene Supplies:
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothbrush case
    • Ivory soap (bagged)
    • Soap case (snack container)
    • Washcloth
    • Comb 
  • School Supplies:
      • Pencils
        • 3-regular
        • 5-decorative 
        • 1-mechanical pencil
      • Pens
        • 4-ballpoint (black, blue, red)
        • 2-gel pens (black & colored)
        • 1-10 cartirage colored pen
      • Pencil Sharpener
      • Eraser  
      • 6" ruler
      • Mini protractor
      • Spiral notebook
    • Art Supplies:
      • Colored pencils
      • Water colors
      • Plain pad of paper
      • Sketch diary
      • Mini coloring book 
      • Self inking stamp
      • Stencils
      • Spirograph type toy
      • Stationary kit with paper, postcards, envelopes, stickers
      • Practical items: 
        • Pencil case/purse
        • Whistle
        • Sewing kit (with added fabric, buttons, etc.)
        • Handkerchief 
      • To wear:
        • Hat
        • Socks
        • Headband
        • Hair clips
        • Bracelet 
        • Necklaces
      • Toys 
        • To play noisily or others
          • Ball
          • Mini Apples-to-Apples game
          • Crazy Eggs game
          • Jacks (I changed my mind and changed to marbles before shipping)
        • To play with quietly alone
          • Puzzle
          • Jewelry kit
          • Mini kaleidoscope 
        • To "love"
          • Stuffed Seal
          • Doll
      • Candy ( bagged & in original wrapping) 
      • Personal correspondence (not pictured)
        • Family photo
        • Letter  

      And here's how it was packed:

      Coloring book and stationary kit went flat in the bottom

      Then came hygiene supplies, school supply kit, and sewing kit, with the note book standing on the side to be bent over to enable the lid to close.

      Here's a peek inside a puzzle I included...I  opened the box, built the puzzle, broke it apart in sections which I put into a zipper sealed bag, and back into the box, I also fit it a bracelet, necklace, jewelry making kit, headband, whistle, watercolors, doll, card game  & mini card game

      Next came candy, in a hole, and some gloves, socks, and washcloth to even it out

      The puzzle box went on top of the wash cloth under the handkerchief, hat and stuffed animal on other side.
      Happy Packing!


      Sheila Perl said...

      I am so enjoying this series of how to pack a Shoebox, it is so helpful!! :)

      Sarah said...

      Glad to hear you are enjoying this series & finding it helpful!!

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