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Babies, Hats and Blankets for Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Fillers

This is our first week to work on fillers for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  Elizabeth has been crocheting and I (Cheryl) have been sewing.  Check out our gifts below.

Baby Bundles--Baby doll with flannel blanket, crocheted hat and a girl size hat to match.

Baby Bundle number one is my favorite.  I love the sweet face on this doll and her mini Aunt Ida hat looks so cute on her.  I made a flannel blanket with a satin border in a Pooh and friends design for her and Elizabeth crocheted a hat in miniature to match the doll's outfit. Then she made a matching hat for the girl who will receive the gift.

Matching hats for girl and baby for Operation Christmas Child shoebox.
This second one is Elizabeth's favorite. She already has a hat attached to her head so Elizabeth just designed a hat with colors to match hers:  purple, pink and cream.  I also made her a Pooh edged blanket.

Filler donation for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

To help the items stay together at the processing center we slip ribbon thru the back of the hat on the baby's head, thru the girls hat and around the baby's waist.  Then we wrap her in the blanket and tie a ribbon tightly around the waist.

Baby dolls for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

Aunt Ida Hats--Crocheted hats from the Aunt Ida Hat Pattern at Joy With Purpose

Between crocheting the hats for the Baby Bundles, Elizabeth whipped up these two hats to send individually as fillers.

Aunt Ida Hats for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

Filler Tally (to date)

2 -- Hats
2  -- Baby Bundles (doll, blanket, doll hat, girl hat to match)
4  --   Total

And the supplies increase!  Someone at my husband's office is moving and getting rid of items they no longer want.  The ladies at his office were dividing the items and brought him this fabric.  I sewed several skirts last year for one of the gals to take on a mission trip so they know I sew.  There are almost four yards total.  We were excited that it was not girly, as we have a lot of flowery fabric, but not so much for the boys.

For more information on fillers for shoeboxes check out these earlier posts:  Donating Fillers for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes and A Day at the Operation Christmas Child Processing Center.

As a reminder, Operation Christmas Child encourages the packing of shoeboxes over the donation of fillers.  We pack as many OCC shoeboxes as we can and use our extra crafting supplies and shopping deals to make fillers.


Lin K said...

You came up with a great idea putting ribbon through the hats and then tying to the baby so they don't fall off during distribution. And the same about tying ribbons around the blankets. Great tips!!
Now a questions: one of your donated fabrics has patriotic red, white, blue with an eagle. Am I right in thinking that would not be allowed under the OCC guidelines because it's definitely an American symbol?

Sarah said...

Hi Lin! Glad you like the idea/tip. As far as your question, that once was the case, but I just double checked, and currently, in the United States, it's allowed. Occasionally boxes do go to countries where flags wouldn't be appropriate, in which case, they would sort out boxes that had it in, and send them elsewhere...if that makes sense.

SC said...

What is the finished size of your doll blanket?

Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.