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Thrift Store and Clearance Shopping for OCC Shoebox Stockpile Saturday ~ 5/20/2017

This is actually the results of a few weeks of collecting for Operation Christmas Child shoebox stockpile, but with my grandmother's death and vacation, I didn't get them posted.

My sister got two of these canvas tote bags our children's pastor had gotten at a conference and was getting rid of...they roll up great to fit in shoeboxes.

CVS Easter Clearance shopping for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.
Picked up some clearance at CVS...had some ECBs I'd gotten from various deals (for more info on CVS deals check out my other blog SimplyCVS), but with everything going on they were about to expire, so I used some on 50% clearance, and some later on 90% off, so after the ECBs it was just a few cents.

A box of Cheerios we had had this little freebie in it...great little bonus item.

Found some fun stuff at Mighty Dollar.  I had been wanting tweezers for some of my boxes, thought theses were a decent price & should try them.  Also got the chalk board to try (haven't got a chance yet) as I know in some countries a chalk board might be better than paper.  The whistles were fun additions for my dad's 10-14 boy boxes...we had some plastic cones that cost less, but thought these would be fun.  The kite will be a little tricky to fit in, but it's normally a $5-$10 kite for a $1.

I got all theses new/like new items at a thrift store for a quarter each, except the pins that were $1, I plan to split them up into sewing kits for the older girls boxes at the church packing parties.

The fabric Frisbees fold up into these cute little packets!

Finally,  when we went on vacation, we took our own soap, so we could save the bars for OCC...ended up being these super cute leaf shaped ones!!  Since they're small, I'll probably put them in as bonus bars, or with another small bar.

Spent from shoebox packing budget: $12.29 

Added to stockpile:
  •  2 tote bags
  • 4 fun headbands
  • 1 jump-rope
  • 2 art kits
  • 1 decorative eraser
  • 1 little bonus item
  • 1 small kite
  • 4 metal whistles
  • 1 slate and chalk kit
  • 2 tweezers
  • 7 stuffed animals
  • 5 Frisbees
  • 8 wooden peg games
  • 3 balls
  • 1000 pins
  • 2 bars soap 
If you are interested, we have shared in a post the different ways we find extra money for spending on our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.


Sheila said...

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your grandmother, my heartfelt condolences to you and your family.

Sarah said...

Thank you

Lin K said...

So sorry about your grandmother passing. With help from Hospice it was a blessing for her and for your family that she's now at peace.
As for the things you got at CVS, it surprises me to see some of the stuff you find that never shows up at my local CVS! They must send different stock to their stores depending on some location criteria.
I've spent a week of evenings unpacking a bunch of Tic Tac Toe and Chess games from their wrappings, placing the movable pieces inside the Tic Tac Toe 'boards' which open up, & taping the directions onto the back side. Chess games have been placed inside tins. I also tackled 7 beading crafts that needed to be repackaged. This all takes a lot of time and with ~50 boxes to pack, the prep work takes place year round for me.

Sarah said...

Thank you!
Yes, I've noticed that even among my different stores in the same town/county. Sounds like a busy, but productive week! I know what you mean about year round prep!

Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.