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Last Pre-packing Day OCC Shoebox Stockpile Saturday ~ 9/30/2017

We're planning our family packing party for next Saturday, so this may be the last stockpiling week before packing...now time to get busy with final preparations!   

We got a GREAT crafting donation!  Lots of handmade goodies, plus some bonus items!

I got my order from MDSupplies & Service's special Shoebox Shoppers order form, the rest of the needed toothbrush and soap cases.

Got a cute stuffed animal with it's tag still on for 50 cents from a charity thrift store.

And picked up some clearance school supplies from CVS for 75% off!

Also got some good clearance at Dollar General. 

Spent from Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing budget: $51.04


Lin K said...

Today (Monday) is the final day of Dollar General's 70% off clearance. Our local store had an abundance of items suitable for shoe boxes. I found
individual pencil sharpeners (43 of them @ 2 cents each),
Prang colored pencils 12/box, gardening gloves, kids swim goggles, glider airplanes, blow up beach balls, BPA free insulated water bottles, puzzles for young kids, metal slinky, small stuffed animals, pkg of 8 click style pens (black, blue, multi color ink), Double dutch jump ropes (2/pkg), squeeze clips, and sandwich size plastic container with lid (we place small lego sets inside containers like these).

It sure makes a difference when you encounter a helpful store employee who's willing to price check items that have no price stickers. Our local store has a great checker who willingly did that on many, many items -- people had dumped stuff in clearance bins that weren't on sale -- and she was excited for us to have found so many super deals on things to pack into our boxes.
We were told that in about a week the price on remaining clearance stock will go to 90% off.

Lin K said...

Every once in a while we come across a super deal at our thrift store. Saturday we found a large box filled with foam footballs for a dime each. They're about the size of a woman's hand, not too large for the shoe boxes. There was also a large plastic bin of small stuffed animals that looked brand new. I didn't have time to inquire but will return today to see if I can buy them all for a discounted price. Since we pack mostly for the older kids, the small stuffed animals are the perfect size.

Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.