March 13, 2018

Fitting a Chess or Game in an Operation Christmas Child Go Shoebox

Sometimes I want to send something in a shoebox I pack for Samaritain's Purse's Operation Christmas Child, but have a hard time figuring out how to get it to fit in the box.  So, I thought I'd share ideas and tips I've learned in this series of posts about making it fit.  So today, I'll share about chess and/or checkers games.  
Sometimes you just can't fit them in standard shoeboxes depending on the board, and sometimes they come packaged in such a way you can just pop them in like this one from Dollar Tree (affiliate link).   Or you can craft one from cloth, so it'd be soft and fit in just fine.

For others the board is folded and could fit easily in the box, but the packaging cannot.  So first step is to get it out of the packaging,  But we want to be sure no pieces are lost in packing, transit, processing, and the child unpacking.  You also want to be sure they know they go together.  A simple zippered plastic bag will wok, or for a more permanent option-a sewn bag is great!

I'm currently hoping to find simple, illustrated instructions with minimal text of how to play both games to include when I send them.

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