March 17, 2018

OCC Shoebox Stockpile Saturday ~ 3/17/2018 ~ Nearly 90% Saved

I had some pretty good success shopping for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes this week.  At Bargain Hunt I found a lot of already discounted items with dates that made them an additional 90% off!  I don't think I paid more than $0.60 for anything in this photo.

Mighty Dollar also had some good deals, some fishing floats, and lots of scissor two packs-normally near $5 at Office Depot-for $1.

Spent from shoebox packing budget: $40.25 
Saved $332.43  or   89%

Saved shopping at Mighty Dollar over Office Depot:  $97.10
Saved through Bargain Hunt prices: $114
Saved through watching Bargain Hunt Dates: $121.33

Added to packing stockpile:

  • 11 Stuffed animals
  • 1 Doll
  • 80+ Bandanas
  • 44 Scissors
  • 20 Fishing Floats

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