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Kipp Brothers Products Ordered for OCC Review-December 2017

This will be my second post I've written reviewing items from Kipp Brothers that one could send in a shoebox (first review here).  I'm not affiliated with them, this is just things I ordered for my own shoebox packing, and just thought I'd share reviews of what I purchased so others could have an idea what might be useful to them.  This is for an order I did the end of 2017

First, since I re-ordered the jumping frogs, turtles, and wooden yo-yos from last year's Kipp Review.   The turtles were especially popular when we were packing, and we made a lot of game sets with the
frogs and the printable frog game I made.

I ordered the Metal Jacks With Two Balls - 12 for $10.95.  These are small, but sturdy, and sometimes for shoeboxes, I think smaller can be better! (You can read my post on shoebox item sizes here).  And, if you wanted, you could even split it into two games-each with a ball and 8 jacks.  Will probably order these again if I need games.

Jump Ropes - 12 for $6.95.  They were bright and colorful, but seemed a little light weight and short-I'll send them in the 5-9 boxes, but probably won't order again.

Children's Scissors-12 for $3.99.  I was actually pleasantly surprised by these!  No, they're not super nice, name brand scissors, but they cut paper well (but not fabric), and look like they'd hold up okay.  I would buy again if I couldn't get a decent deal on nicer ones.

Mini Prism Kaleidoscopes - 48 for $9.95.  (UPDATE:  My last order of these had a lot of lose lenses, so consider that before you order these) I was very happy with these.  They seem sturdy enough, and they're probably some of the best design view I've seen in these small ones-I tried to take photos to show.  I've seen a few different brands of these, and these are certainly my favorite and I'll probably buy more for next year.

Bright Dino Assortment - 144 for $20.95.  I was pleased with these-they didn't all stand up perfectly, but overall very happy with them, and will probably order again.  They're small-only a 2-3 inches long, so one is not a wow item or anything, but fun little extra-or a few for a play set.

Wild Animal Assortment - 48 for $9.95.  These are super cute!!  Like the Dinos they may not all stand up on a table real well, and are on the small side-just a couple inches, but totally a fun item to add!  I'm guessing these will be a repeat purchase.

Bright Plastic Animal Assortment - 144 for 8.95.  These are smaller than the above-only an inch tall and I wasn't too excited about them.  There were a couple designs I wasn't fond of, and a few that had didn't come out right.  Not bad for the price or anything, but in the future I'll probably spend more for the Wild Animal assortment, even if that means each box only gets 1 instead of 2 or 3.

Penguin Playing Cards - 12 sets for $3.99.  I bought these because I pack penguin themed shoeboxes, and for that they will work well.  They're not super nice cards-they're what you'd expect from say a dollar store.  They're a little thin, and not sure how well they'll hold up for too long.  As a bonus item, they're fine, but I wouldn't send as the main toy.

Mini Pinball Games -     This is the one thing I'm going to advise just to not buy for shoeboxes.  They're not very sturdy and I'm not sure how long they'll hold up.  Also, if you pull the launcher back too far the BB can get out.  Since I have them, I'll probably send them in the oldest age group since they can probably play with them for a while, but I don't think they're nice enough to buy again for shoeboxes.   Maybe they'd be fine for a carnival prize in the USA or something where the kid isn't going to keep it long, anyhow...

So, there's the reviews of the items from my most recent Kipp Brothers order.  If you're going to put in an order-be sure to check out Shoebox Shopper's Facebook Page-I think she has a discount code.  If you'd like to read reviews of more items you can purchase for shoeboxes check out all my review posts!

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Anonymous said...

Another place to find sets of things like animals, sports figures, etc., is Party City or a big box craft store in the cake decorating section. Look for cake toppers. I found a "soccer team" (a small plastic bag of soccer players) at Party City several years ago on clearance. I packed it with a small plastic Easter egg designed like a soccer ball (after Easter sale), a sports themed coloring book, and pencil case, along with other things.

The cake decorating areas provide theme items, as well. Finding stuff on clearance helps.

Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.