April 9, 2018

"Tool Belt" Operation Christmas Child Shoebox for a Boy 10-14 Years Old

One thing we've started including in shoeboxes for 10-14 year old boys through Operation Christmas Child is tools.  Normally just like a bundle of para-cord, a pair of pliers, or screwdrivers with a few mixed screws and bolts.   But I had this belt donated -it was actually a waiter's apron, but I thought it would work great as a tool belt, and I decided I wanted to add in a few more tools.  For instance some nice work/safety sunglasses I found, graph paper and squares, tweezers for splinters, etc.

I thought I would be fun to pack the belt/apron in the box with tools, etc. in it, but when I did it it nearly filled it up.

I didn't want to leave out anything on our basic packing list-still put in hygiene, school, and art supplies, clothing, whistle, etc as well as toys (including a ball and stuffed animal) with a family photo. 

So, I decided to "unpack" the belt, and it fit MUCH better!  I was able to get all of the above items in, as well!  I tried to protect the sunglasses. 

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Anonymous said...

That's great! We're doing the 10-14 boys this year, too. Glad to snag some ideas :-)

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