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DIY Quick to Crochet Child's Beanie Hat Pattern

When crafting for my Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes I look for quality and speed (since I make over a hundred of each item each year).  This quick to crochet child's beanie hat was designed with ease and speed in mind.  I used simple stitches, double and single crochet, and a large hook with medium weight yarn [size 4].  Simply Soft yarn is a lighter weight size 4 yarn so it took more stitches to make each hat, but it is my favorite yarn to work with as it glides easily thru my fingers, is soft and has a nice sheen.

I also like Simply Soft made up with an I hook as it makes for a looser, more open finished design.  Since I don't know what countries my hats will be sent to, I like lighter weight, less "warm" hats.  That way if they go to a cold climate and the child has nothing, it will still provide more warmth than they had or they can wear it under a hooded coat for added warmth.  But in a warm climate with, what to the
child is, a cold season or cool nights it will be just right for a little extra warmth.  That being said, I do use whatever yarn is donated to me and plan to design more open designs for heavier yarn.

When using a heavier size 4 yarn, Never Enough Yarn by Craft Smart from Michael's (a donation I received), and a size I hook, the following instructions for a size 2 to 4 year old hat was large enough for the 5 to 9 year old category.  By going down to a size H hook it fell within the size range listed below.  It made up much tighter and fuller which would make for a warmer hat.
By making stripes, it makes for a great use of scrap yarn.

To size the hat for my Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing, I went searching for sizes of children's crocheted hats.  No one seemed to agree on the exact sizes, but all agreed that each larger size should be about 1/2" taller and 1/2" wider when lying flat than the next smaller size.  I took an average of the sizes I found, and these instructions will fall within those sizes.  Here are the ranges of each size I settled on from the research I did for the various ages of children receiving OCC shoeboxes:

Children's Crochet Hat Sizes (averages based on research)

Width (while lying flat) x Height

2 to 4 Year Old Child  -- 8 to 9" W. x 6 to 8" H.
5 to 9 Year Old Child  --  8.5 to 9.5" W. x 6.5 to 8.5" H.
10 to 14 year Old Child  --  9 to 10" W. x 7 to 9" H.

Double Crochet Child's Beanie Hat with Single Crochet Band

Instructions written for 2 to 4 year old sized hat with 5 to 9 and 10 to 14 year old in brackets  [ ].


1.4 oz. [1.6 oz., 1.9 oz.] Medium Weight Yarn [size 4]  Note:  I used Simply Soft, which is on the lighter end of a size 4 yarn.
Size I Crochet Hook (I tend to crochet loosely, my daughter uses a size J)
Yarn needle


4 Double Crochet Rows = 2 1/2"
9 Double Crochet stitches = 3"

Note:  As long as your finished hat falls within the ranges listed in the chart above it should be fine.  When using different yarn, I have had to use a smaller hook and sometimes reduce the number of rounds.  I find the size of the finished hat an easy way to gauge.  When using a new yarn, if it comes out as one of the other sizes I just send it in that size shoebox (since I make so many) and I adjust for the next hat.

To begin at the crown:  I like to chain four and join with a slip stitch to create a circle.  (Many people like to use the Magic Ring or Magic Circle method -- do what works for you--I will be writing these with the chain beginning.)


Chain 4, join with slip stitch in first chain

Round 1:  Chain 2 (counts as first Double Crochet - DC); work 10 more [11,12] DC around in circle for a total of 11 [12,13] DC (with counting the chain 2 as one); join in top of ch 2.  Do not turn now or at the end of any row.

Round 2:  Chain 2 (counts as first Double Crochet); work 1 DC in same stitch; work two DC in each stitch around (total of 22 [24,26] DC); join with slip stitch in top of Ch 2 stitch.

Round 3:  Chain 2 (counts as first Double Crochet); [work 2 DC in next st; Work 1 DC in next st] around ending with 2 DC in last stitch (total of 33 [36,39] DC); join with slip stitch in top of Ch 2 stitch.

Round 4:  Chain 2 (counts as first Double Crochet); work 1 DC in next stitch, [work 2 DC in next stitch, 1 DC in each of next two stitches] around ending with two DC in last stitch (total of 44 [48,52] DC); join with slip stitch in top of Ch 2 stitch.

Rounds 5-10* [11,12]:  Chain 2 (counts as first Double Crochet); DC in each stitch around; join with slip stitch in top of Ch 2 stitch.

*Note:  I add one more round.  The finished length is then the longest in the chart above.  I like to make the hats I send in shoeboxes a little longer figuring the child can roll it up or let it slouch in the back until they grow into it. By using Simply Soft and size I hook it is really stretchy so it should grow with the child for a few years.

Rounds 11-13 [14,15]:  Chain 1, work Single Crochet [SC] in top of each stitch (total of 44 [48,52] SC); join with slip stitch.  Finish off after round 13 [14,15].  Note:  it is easy to stitch tighter on the single crochet rounds, a larger hook will make it easier to not tighten up the band too much; I just try to stay aware of it and crochet looser.  I do like the band a little tighter, tho.

Design and instructions copyright Simply Shoeboxes.  Please enjoy this design for your personal use and for gift giving.  ~ Cheryl

If you are looking for more crochet patterns for kids, check out all of our Crochet for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes Tutorials.  For sewing tutorials and more see our Crafting for OCC Index PageAnd if you craft more than you can pack in your own boxes, or would just like to donate crafted items for shoebox packing, check out this article I wrote on Five Ways to Donate Handcrafted Items to Operation Christmas Child.

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Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.