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OCC Shoebox Stockpile Saturday ~ 3/2/2019 ~ Donations plus saved 82% on Deals

Finally getting back to posting my Stockpile Saturdays.  And what a busy week to get back at it!!  We received donations, birthday gift orders, and got some great deals/clearance finds-check it all out below:

We hit a few Dollar Generals to see what we could find on 90% off clearance-lots of goodies for shoeoboxes, also some fun items to use next year in our ministries to seniors.

CVS was only 75% off, so still pretty high, but I had $4 in ECBs, plus, I had a $10 off $40, and was already buying about $20 for our household.  So, I added some items on (some in the picture above, some for senior ministry) and got them like half off 75% off, so like 87% off, plus $4 off for ECBs.

Also picked up some Irish Spring on sale plus scanner coupon so worked out to about $0.25 a bar (old photo, didn't see the point of taking another photo packages of soap-LOL).

I found some new wrapping paper and a new coloring book at a thrift store.

We also found some more of the chunky pencils we like to put in 2-4 shoeboxes at Dollar General's 50% off clearance sale.

So that was the items from our shoebox packing budget, here's a couple things....well, more than a couple! ;)  

My mother chose to get some stuffed animals for shoeboxes for her birthday, you can see a review of them here and a video unboxing and look at their quality.

We received a donation in the mail from Sew Delightful.  So many goodies, the photo just doesn't do it justice, so here's a link to our unboxing video:

Spent from shoebox packing budget: $15.54  
Saved $70.80  or  82% 

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Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.