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Twins ~ Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Crafting Progress Report

This week's Shoebox Sewing & Crafting for Operation Christmas Child  includes Twin Sets.  I have read of people doing "twin boxes." They either put two of everything in one shoebox or make two matching shoeboxes.  This came to mind with these two projects.

Brother & Sister Set

After sharing this fabric and teddy bear on Simply Shoeboxes' Facebook page asking should I use it for a boy or girl I decided to make both since there seemed to be a tie.

Pillowcase dress for Operation Christmas Child shoebox.

I had this little short set with the red shirt from a Dollar General clearance sale.

2 to 4 year old boy shoebox for Operation Christmas Child.

I needed another teddy for the little boy box and found this red fella just waiting to be sent filled with
love to a little guy.  You can read Why We Include a Stuffed Animal in Each of Our Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes if you are interested in learning more of our thoughts.

A stuffed animal in every Operation Christmas Child shoebox.

I made them matching hats, but with opposite colors -- the girl's is mostly red, this little guy's is mostly blue.

To stretch my fabric further I added a red border to the bottom of the dress.  Why these looke like hot pink shapes I have no idea--they are red!  My camera has a mind of its own.

I have seen many dresses with two different strap colors, but I never made one until now.  I thought the colors in this dress just called for more attention.  I chose the two colors that matched the hemline colors.

Twin Girl Set

After making the twin brother and sister set I came upon a pair of matching shoes in my shoe box stock....hmmm....I just couldn't resist.

Twin dresses for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

These are the shoes that started it all.  My husband got them at a Dollar General clearance sale.  I took them to my fabric stash and found this piece I had picked up on clearance with some Christmas gift money I had.  It matched PERFECTLY!  I was so excited that there was plenty for two little dresses.

As always, I had to crochet hats for them.  I was excited to find such perfect colors in my mother-in-law's stash.  I made them opposite each other in colors -- each girl is unique, even twins.

I gave them each their own color of t-shirts, bias tape straps and ribbon at the bottom with a button and bow.

Toddler dress border embellishment.
I just loved how this gold ribbon with circle dots matched!
Notice the colors and how the flowers in the fabric have dots on them!
I had to put a pink ribbon behind it for border or else it disappeared in the pattern.

These buttons are from my mother's button box.
And you know how excited I was when I dug thru my stuffed animal stash and found twin kitties.  I added bows to match the dress colors, but once again, they are each unique.

I know that twin girls will probably not receive these two dresses, they may not even go to the same country.  But anything is possible.  If you have read many of the stories of Operation Christmas Child shoebox distributions you know that stranger things have happened.

You can find more of my dresses here:  Dresses Made by Cheryl.

Have you ever done matching boxes?

Make Your Own

You can find the illustrated instructions by clicking these links for the pillow case style dress and the drawstring tote bag.  They are quick and EASY to make!  Perfect for upcycled clothing!

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Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.