October 31, 2014

What to Pack in an Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Poster

My friend is collecting crafted items for Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes at her craft store and customers were asking about packing their own. I made this sign for her to share to invite them to pack their own. I wanted to share it here so you can all use it if you want. Share it online or print it off and hang it at work or around town.  If you'd like more ideas about what to put in shoeboxes yourself, you can see our posts of what we packed in 2015 in boxes for a  Girl 2-4Boy 2-4Girl 10-14, & Boy 10-14 .  Remember this is for the United States, if you live in a different sending country, the requirements may be different (for instance some can't send candy).  NOTE:  In the USA we can no longer send toothpaste & candy, we hope to update this soon with a new one!

Operation Christmas Child What to Pack in a Shoe Box Poster

You can find more shoe box supply collection posters thru this link:  Shoe Box Printable Resources.

Happy Packing!


Jackie said...

Nicely done. Thank you
I will Use it.

Cheryl said...

Great, Jackie! Thanks for letting me know!

Lynne Cargill said...

No Lollies(candy) or toothpaste in Australia either or any religious material

Susan said...

Wonderful and this will be so useful. We are collecting year round at our church (for the 1st time). I will check back for when you've updated this. THANKS.

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