October 24, 2014

WANTED Poster: Empty Shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child

I have gathered many more packing items this year than expected!  What I didn't gather was enough shoeboxes to pack into!  What a great problem to have, tho!  Better than the other way around.  To help remedy this I made this WANTED poster.

My husband took it to work and hung it on the bulletin board.  Not only did he get empty shoeboxes he got inquiries of how they could pack their own Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  Glad I had some extra brochures to send in!

I wanted to share it here so you could all use it if you'd like.  Just fill in the drop off information.  You can share it online or print it off--it even looks nice in black and white.  I added the note about packing their own after we got questions about that.

You can find more shoe box supply collection posters thru this link:  Shoe Box Printable Resources.

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