November 28, 2014

Picked Up A Few Shoe Box Items at CVS Black Friday Sales ~ Freebies & More

I was able to take advantage of some free CVS shopping this week.  They had two ads and several items fit perfect in the "what to pack in a shoe box" category.  Here's what I got and how I paid.  You can still get in on the CVS Ad for 11/27 as the deals go thru 11/29, Saturday.

Paid $8.02, Saved $24.60, received $13.34 in Extra Bucks (rolled some on these deals).

Total Savings for the week (see details below):  $24.60 or 67% with
$7.98 in Extra Bucks left to shop next week.

Deals I did the first half of the week (ad ran from Sunday to Wednesday):

Saved $8.39 or  99% (original prices before sales and coupons was $8.50 )

I purchased one of each of these.

Colgate Max 6 oz, Total 4-4.2 oz, 2 in 1 4.6 oz or Optic White 3.5 oz $2.99
Used 1 (one) $2.49 scanner coupon printing at CVS kiosk
Used 1 (one) $0.75/1 Colgate Total toothpaste, 4 oz+: Printable Coupon
So on this one I actually had an extra $.25 in coupons above the cost and that was applied towards the rest of my order.

Get $1.57 ECB wyb Sour Patch gum 14 ct. (our local ad had Stride Gum) $1.57 Limit 1

Get $0.79 ECB wyb Mars Chocolate, Air Heads, or Mentos mints Singles 1.08-2 oz $0.79 Limit 1 

Get $1 ECB wyb 5 Gum 15 ct. $1 Limit 1

I had a $3 extra buck from earlier purchases so I used that and paid $.11 plus tax using a CVS gift card I earned free at Swagbucks.

I had $3.36 in extra bucks to use later in the week.

Deals I did the second half of the week (ad runs from Thursday thru Saturday):

Transaction #1:

Saved $12.22 or 61% (original prices totaled $20.13 before sales or coupons)
Saved 100% if count the extra bucks I received to use next time, but I count mine when I use them)

I purchased one of each of these.

Get $0.79 ECB wyb Hershey's, Starburst, Skittles Singles or Necco wafers 1.4-2.17 oz $0.79 Limit 1

FGet $1 ECB wyb Orbit gum 14 ct. $1 Limit 1  

Get $4.19 ECB wyb CVS AA, AAA 4 pk. Batteries $4.19 Limit 1

Get $2 ECB wyb Gum Toothbrushes $2 Limit 1

Toys Buy one Get one Free: My husband picked out two domino games at $8.29 each so $8.29 for the two of them--which is an expensive price for shoe boxes, but with the $5 coupon I list below it brought them down to $3.29 for the two which is reasonable and they are very high quality and in nice metal tins.

Total:  $16.27

I had a $5 off $15 purchase coupon received in an email that I used (that's why we picked out toys -- the .

I had $3.36 extra bucks from purchases earlier in the week so I used that and paid $7.91 plus tax using a CVS gift card I earned free at Swagbucks.  I received $7.98 in extra bucks--so I got back all that I paid.

Transaction #2:

Saved $3.99 (original price of toothbrush) or  100%

After checking out my daughter noticed the Gum Toothbrushes were a limit of two, not one as advertised.  So she took the $2 ECB from the first transaction and purchased another one.  So my final transaction looks like this:

I purchased one:

Get $2 ECB wyb Gum Toothbrushes $2  Limit 1

I used the $2 Extra Bucks from Transaction #1 and paid $.00 plus tax only using a CVS gift card I earned free at Swagbucks.

And I now have $7.98 in extra bucks to use next week.


There is still time to shop these deals at CVS thru Saturday 11/29.
If you would like to find more free items for your family's needs check out these other posts at my daughter's blog, Simply CVS:

ALL the Black Friday Week CVS Deal Posts (there are several--below are a couple examples)

Happy Packing!


JRFrugalMom and Family said...

You definitely got some great finds, and the Dominos are a perfect addition to your shoe boxes.

Cheryl said...

Thanks, JR! They look like they will be sturdy and fun!

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