November 12, 2014

Super Saturday Shoe Box Shopping ~ Great Savings!

The Saturday before our family packing party my husband and daughter went shopping for the last things we needed to fill out our boxes.  They came home with a bit more.  Those dollar stores and Dollar General clearance can get you every time!

The only things on their list were toothbrushes!  And look what they found!  These were $1 for 10!  We took one out and tried to pull out the bristles and they held tight.  The handles are thinner than normal, but are nice plastic and flexible.  I was so excited.  I hope they get these in again as we bought all they had and it was just enough for this year's shoe boxes.

While at the local dollar store my husband found a large round rack with $1 shirts hanging on it.  He
couldn't resist.

These are for 5 to 9 year old girls.  I will be making skirts to go with them for the 2015 collection.

These are 10 to 14 & 5 to 9 year old boys and a couple $2 short sets for 2 to 4 boys from Dollar General.

I edited this image to be right side up, but when I added it here it flipped sideways!
These are sweatshirts for 5 to 9 boys, they were also just $1.  My husband was a little concerned they would take up a lot of room in the box, but we decided he should get them anyways, we'd roll them tightly.  We never did find out how they fit in the box.  Our youth pastor is going to Nepal soon and is collecting items for some street boys ages 8 to 18 and asked for warm shirts and socks.  We asked him if he'd like these and he said yes.  This often happens.  My shoe box stock is able to fill a different need that arises. I love being ready to help anywhere at anytime.

I loved that they were high quality brands, too.  We are going to keep our eye on that store in the future in case they have more.  I love to include clothing in my boxes.

While my husband dug thru the clothing rack my daughter scanned the rest of the store and found these sewing kits for $1 (I shared about them earlier here: A Fun Find).  There were $10.99 original price stickers on some.  We have paid $1 for the small mending kits in the past which come inside these larger kits.  We were so excited to find these.

And last but not least, these colorful garden gloves!  My daughter found a full display box at the bottom of a clearance bin.  At just 25 cents each she bought them all.  I added them to this year's 10 to 14 year old girl boxes and have some left for 2015.

How often does this happen to you?  You go for one thing for your shoe boxes and come home with dozens more?

Happy Packing!


Denise Marie said...

Jackpot outing!! I wonder if God loves these under-privileged children?!? Hmm! lol. Is there anything else more thrilling!! I agree w/U about being ready to give. I felt the Lord nudge me to gather things for Romanian orphans & the deals keep coming! Our Sunday School class is sending a love package over there soon!

Cheryl said...

Oh what fun! I love to know just where my things are going. But I am happy to give thru OCC and not know so much, but it sure is fun to know just where they are going. I do think once you get the ball rolling and you are willing your "cart will overflow."

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