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Lot's of Goodies ~ Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Stockpile Saturday ~ 12/26/2015

I'm about to head out to hit the after Christmas clearance...it's the most wonderful time of the year!!!  Below is what I got for my Operation Christmas Child shoebox stockpile last week.

 I took advantage of the free shipping day and I $5 Sports Authority gift card I'd gotten as a reward and thought I'd never use to get these cute hats on clearance for just $1.34 total including tax!.  Perfect for my aunt's 2-4 year old boy shoeboxes!

Operation Christmas Child shoebox games and toys.

These are some things my mom got for Christmas some specifically bought for shoeboxes as she'd requested and some things she got and thought would be cute in in shoebox, so she'd share it.

My dad drove me around to hit a lot of store's after Christmas Clearance, here's what we got:

From Dollar General-everything I got was $0.50...coloring books, pens, pencils, stickers, & playing cards.

From CVS.  A little big, and $5...but super cute, and I had some ECBs I had to use up, so got for a Wow item for a 2-4 boy box...hope my aunt doesn't hate me for how big it is ;) ...but you can see how it fits:

That is an averaged sized box, and there's still a good amount of room on top to add supplies, stuffed animal, etc.

Dollar Tree after Christmas clearance shopping for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.
From Dollar Tree-everything was $0.50

From Walgreens, I know these will probably go more off, but like to have candy canes for my shoeboxes and they often aren't available around here before we pack, and the big ones I got last year were hard to fit in, and I had a Walgreens gift card.  UPDATE 2017:  Candy is no longer allowed in Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

From Office Max-the free after rewards battery deal again.

From Big Lots-a couple tins to pack in inside the boxes, thought it'd be cute, plus good for the kids to store in, plus it has a penguin, and I like penguin themed shoeboxes as you may have noticed...one was $1, the larger was $1.50.

From WalMart.   I think everything was $0.48 a piece

Plus my mom and sister crocheted 18 more Aunt Ida hats.

Spent from shoebox packing budget: $50.84 (hope to get $27.96 back in Office Depot reward)
Spent from gift cards earned or won online: $19.25

Added to stockpile:
  • 20 hats
  • 9 pencils
  • 3 pens
  • 3 mini paper pads
  • 13 coloring books
  • 19 various games
  • 1 train set
  • 5 tins
  • 4 sheets of stickers
  • 12 cups
  • 7 flutes
  • 2 tambourines 
  • 1 stuffed animals
  • 1 pack toy tools
  • 2 pairs socks
  • 65 small peppermint candy canes
  • 32 AA batteries
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Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.